Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flareon Burns

Oh man, the weather today is absolutely gorgeous.  Currently lying on the quad, soaking in the sun and sipping some (free) tai bubble tea. Aka it's a good day.  I'm so relaxed, in fact, that I'm coexisting quite well with the bees buzzing around my head.  That puts me practically on the same level as Snow White, although I doubt I can get the bees to help me clean my dorm.  Okay, so maybe it has absolutely no connection to Snow White, but hopefully you got the point. If there was one.
Currently procrastinating on retrieving my clothes from the dryer (yes I'm that person) and laughing at the post above that I wrote last week and forgot to publish. It's hilarious how shitty my sense of humor is. Seriously.

Anyway, between my last post and this one I had my first review in studio! It was so stressful the weekend before, but in the end I made something I'm very happy with. Wouldn't have been able to do it without my friends helping me out of the Pit of Despair AKA Java. Besides for that, I played some IM badminton, partied a little, and caught up with a few people I hadn't seen in ages, all while procrastinating the shit out of my work and consistently riding the struggle bus. Regardless, I'm feeling pretty good albeit slightly sleep-deprived. Today I planned on getting back from class and hibernating, but for some unknown reason a burst of energy hit me as soon as classes ended…so instead I ate lunch with people, then came back and blasted music as I did laundry, cleaned and decorated the room, and updated my portfolio. Now I'm even blogging.  This level of productivity is unheard of - it's actually quite disgusting how much I've accomplished in the time I usually just sleep.
Da Institvte. Fun times with friends!  Eating from the food truck while sitting on a pillar that I had a lot of trouble getting off. At a house-warming party where we watched three hours of pokemon while sipping evie-evolution-themed drinks. Lol so classy. Went on a 5 mile run (I was dying after 5- how do people run 26 mile marathons?) with weiwei and snapped a pic of the sunset on the Charles along the way!