Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pumpkin Hands

Man, tonight I made a pumpkin dish for dinner and my hands still smell. Do you think it has anything to do with color? Because oranges are orange (duh) and you can never get their stench off no matter how much soap you use.  Okay, I'm just kidding, I hope you all know, I'm really not that stupid…

I guess I should backtrack a little. Made the trip back here by myself! 15 hours of airplane and 5 movies later, I was not a pretty sight. Especially since I bawled my face off during He's Just Not That Into You, Now is Good, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and Indecent Proposal, although I'm pretty sure two of them were supposed to be comedies… I also watched the Social Network which was just as good as I've heard. I did feel kind of bad for Mark Zuckerberg though since the movie made him look like a total ass. After sneaking through custom's with packaged meat in my suitcase (shhh…don't tell ;) ) I finallllly got to go eat some real food and go home! 

Also, I left Beijing at 5pm on Saturday; weather outside was 28°F. Thirteen hours later my plane landed at 5pm on Saturday; weather outside was also 28°F. Isn't that trippy? 

Being late for the movies lol…Dad running to get tickets for Skyfall. It was so nice to see bright blue skies again after a month of grey smog and hazy pollution!  1/27/2013
You see that eggplant dish? You see it??? Eryi taught me her secrets….. 
All the crap I got in China! It's a miracle that I was able to fit everything in my suitcase along with all the packaged meat my mom wanted me to bring home… Also I woke up at 6 pm today. Helllooo time difference. 1/28/2013

Porcelain cat bracelet from Eryi. Might be my favorite thing I got in China :)
Woke up at 6 am today wide awake…. Tossed in two loads of laundry, made pasta, poured  myself some green tea, and kicked back on the couch to vegetate to 4 hours of good ol' abc family. 1/29/2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

West to East to West

I can hardly believe it, but tomorrow is my last day in Yichang! This visit has really flown by. I'm excited to go home, but sad to leave this place. It's kind of funny, actually.  When I was a kid, going back to China really just meant suffering through a few plane rides, getting fat off good food, and spending way to much time on the computer. I mean, the plane rides do still suck, and I'm still packing on weight (freshman 15 is old news), but China has changed for me as I've gotten older. It really couldn't be any more obvious how much of an outsider I am here, but even so, I'm increasingly drawn to it. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if my parents had decided to stay here. I wonder how different I would be. Isn't it crazy how one decision can change everything? Haha well enough of my pointless musings, I'll let the pictures do the talking:
We each got our own personal hot pot! How sick is that? Also I taught kaykay chopsticks :) 1/14/2013
Raw deliciousness for the hot pots
Stray cat jumped into the 120 kw power supply for my aunt's apartment complex (got fried to a crisp) and caused the power to go out…. so she gutted her fish by candlelight. 

Feeding pigeons at the local kids park 1/15/2013

My aunt getting attacked
Hanging meat on the power lines…good idea.
Casually stalked little kids at the park by the river.  1/16/2013

There's a long narrow street right outside my aunt's where farmers and butchers come from all over. It's really a sight to see 1/17/2013
Paddle-boating around the park! Oh my god my thighs were screaming after that. 1/18/2013
Juice made from sugar cane; looks like sewage water but tastes fantastic
At the weekend festival! There was also a creepy old man who kept taking pictures of me and kaykay… 1/19/2013
Visited my dad's side again and sat next to this thing the whole time. Man their house is cold. 1/20/2013 
Found a store called "Candy Cat" that all things cat-themed. Wallets, bags, clothes, accessories, everything. 1/21/2013
Silly Kaykay 1/22/2013
Eating our favorite radish dumplings! Basically a big heap of spicy-radish-magic in a deep fried shell. So. Good. 1/23/2013 
Last day in Yichang! I'm going to miss them :( 1/24/2013
I'm definitely going to miss this :') 
Bustling night-markets in Yichang and Wuhan! I bought so much cheap crap 
At the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan! It's a famous place that has inspired many poets as they climbed up its steps, while looking out at the river and skyline. Saw a woman climbing up in 5 inch platform heels. I wonder if it inspired her to get new shoes. 1/25/2013
Hello Mr. Odd-eyed cat :)
Byebye China, I'll miss you! 1/26/2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"We Are Infinite"

Woooo guess who's on an airplane from Beijing bound for Yichang? That's right, this kid. Good guess. Check me out, blogging only a week after my last post. Surprised? I am. Anyway, a quick update:

Diner date with Courtney! 1/5/2013
Saturday was the last day before we left for China, and holy balls was it a busy one. Woke up early (but still too late) for brunch with Courtney at the dinner. Ordered a mozzarella grilled cheese with bacon and tomato. So. Good.  It was nice to catch up with her since we'd barely seen each other over the break, and she even said that she might start a picture blog…oho I really hope so! After that I dragged Nicole away from her internship apps (sorry nicole!) to go shopping for my cousin's gift. My mom ended up hating the present, so I had to go out and buy something else anyway. Boo. That pretty much brings us to dinner, which was good ol' home cooking. Packed like a maniac and met up with Emma for some DD and uke playing. It was good to see her too since I'd only seen her once all break even though she lives right next to me. Went out again after that for some Sonic with Nolan, Brian, and Nicole. Nolan decided that he wanted to see what lay in the unknown, so he kept driving. Brian was convinced there'd be a Neverland at the end. I don't understand him sometimes. Unfortunately, we never found out since it was already past midnight and I was already late. So we turned back, but Nolan thought that we should take a short cut, which turned out to be a long cut (surprise), and Brian thought it'd be a great idea to tell scary urban legends. Ugh, it's making me shiver just thinking about it. Soon we arrived home, and after a round of hugs, I drove home to pack more. It's seriously weird thinking that I probably won't see most people again until summer.
Selfies in the airport/airplane 1/6/2013
Sunday was airplane day! Oh dear lord 14 hours in the air is not my ideal way to spend time, but luckily they had little TVs. I watched movies until my eyes burned, and then I watched some more.  The first one I saw was Pitch Perfect (aka Bitch Perfect), which was your typical feel-good-success-story chick flick. I really enjoy those for some reason, even though they're mad predictable.  Next was Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was both quirky and touching at the same time.  The title of this post actually came from the end when Charlie's standing in the back of the pickup truck going through the tunnel (or at least that's where I think I got it from). After that my eyes were already starting to burn, but I barreled onward with Recall. Kind of very predictable in a lame way, but the special effects were still pretty cool, especially "the drop" which is a 17 minute (12?) journey through the center of the earth from australia to europe. Kind of ridiculous at the same time though. Then I watched Brave, and loved it. Disney & Pixar never fail to amaze me with their animations. Next up was the Avengers which I've been told to watch a billion times, so I did, but wasn't particularly hooked by it.  Actually I never finished it since we had to land, and I wasn't really paying attention for any of it….okay maybe I need to re-watch it lol. After customs and luggage shenanigans, we were on our way to the hotel.  The sun was bright but fighting to stay visible through the thick grey atmosphere.  My mom marveled at how Beijing had a sun but no sky. It was actually kind of depressing to think about. We arrived at our hotel which honestly looked like a giant green box, I finally lost my personal battle with the airplane food (looks even worse the second time around), and we went out to grab some real food for dinner. Once we got back, we all crashed. The end.
Nightmarket! (They sold spider, starfish, and termite shishkabobs wtf) 1/7/2013
So Tuesday Kaykay decided to wake up at 3 am. Wonderful. I finally dragged my body out of bed at around 5 for a beef-la-mien breakfast. Yum. All the people in the shop stared at us while my sister blabbed on loudly in English.  Then we braved the winds as we walked throughout Gugong (the Forbidden City). It was gorgeous but so ridiculously cold. Regardless I managed to take a billion pictures. That night we went to the Red Theatre to watch a shaolinggongfu show which was freaking awesome. Besides for the really intense fighting moves, I was pretty much obsessed with the little boys that could do back flips across the stage using their heads. That night we ate baozhi at goubuni which is a famous baozhi place according to my mom. Boy do they do baozhi right.
Furry handwarmers? Check. Pumpkin juice? Check. 1/8/2013

CCTV tower!
Woke up early again (thanks kaykay) and this time went out and bought breakfast as we walked along to tian'anmen where we spammed pictures. Then we took the subway (first time taking it in china!) to the CCTV tower which is the 9th highest in the world. After touring around, sending my dad a postcard, and spamming more pictures, we ate lunch in their revolving restaurant which had an amazing view of Beijing. It's alarming to look out and see skyscrapers and apartment complexes in all directions as far as the eye can see. I also used their binoculars and watched some people take a stroll across a lake that was frozen solid. After stuffing ourselves silly (btw pear fanta is fantastic), we visited the aquarium. Kind of depressing to see so many fish stuck in such little tanks. There were also penguins and seals, which was both awesome and awful. We saw a crazy circus performance that night.  Tacky costumes, but mad talent. The super flexible girls made my stomach turn, and the five simultaneous motorcycles in the big metal ball cage had me really nervous lol. Ate dinner at a little place across the street that had some boss eggplant.
Those bottles are attached to sticks, and you can pay to feed the fish with them lol. 1/9/2013

Currrly hair! Kind of hard to see, but you get the idea. 1/11/2013
Fast forward another plane ride, and we're in Yichang! Kicked off our home-coming with a delicious meal prepared by my aunt who is an amazing cook. The next day I went with eryi to get my hair permed! Holy balls was it a long painful process. After about an hour and a half I had to pee….but nope, still needed to wait another three and a half hours. In the end I made it with no bladder damage (at least I hope not) and a new Asian haircut. The people at the place struggled with my tenacious hair since it had never been dyed nor permed before, but my fabulous hairdresser (a dude) managed to pull it off. Still getting used to the whole having-curly-hair thing.
Food, people, and more food! Bottom middle is my aunt :) 1/9/2013 - 1/12/2013

Yesterday we went to go visit my grandma and grandpa's grave at this beautiful cemetery that's on the side of a mountain. It was all very confusing for Kaykay who kept asking how grandma got from down here to "up there". We burned them some incense, money, and grandma's favorite books, poured them some wine, told them our prayers, and trudged back down the mountain.  Ate lunch on the 8th floor of a giant mall where we saw the cutest baby getting carted around in a basket-pack. Today we visited my dad's side of the family. My grandparent's place was mad cold since they don't believe in using the heater in the middle of winter (even though they have one…go figure). So instead we all huddled around a couple of glowing logs in the dark, chatting with our very visible breath.  We ate at a fancy place downtown with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin who practically studies every second of her life. Seriously. She lives at her high school, and they have class every day. People in China study so incredibly hard; it's kind of unnerving but amazing at the same time.

At the square by the river! Everything lights up at night 1/13/2013
Tonight after (another delicious) dinner we went to go walk by the river park. At night everything lights up and people come from all around to play, dance, and sing. My sister really got a kick out of the dancing groups, and my mom enthusiastically joined in (oh the horror). Actually, I can't really be embarrassed since I learned a couple of steps too….On the way back we passed by a group of badasses who were practicing whipping techniques with leather and chains…lmao first time I've seen that here.  Haha so much for a quick update, my bad. I'll try to be more succinct in the (very) near future! Good Night :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"I Like My Raspberries Hairy"

Bye-bye brian's shoes. 1/1/2013
First post of 2013! Okay, I know my last post technically says "1/1/13" but I typed that up and submitted (or so I thought) on the 31st. No hard feelings though. Anyway....a new year! New goals, aspirations, resolutions, and the like. Even though its just like any other day, there's something about 1/1 that screams "new" at you.  It's kind of like a reset button, and lets you let go of the unfinished business of the past year….which could or could not be a good thing. Regardless, I'm looking forward to a great year! I know I've been neglecting this blog a bit since I've gone off to college, but I'll try my best to keep it going this year :) Also, I've decided to do the 365 project so unless I want to post 60 pictures in one go, I should probably update about once a week haha.

Kicked off the new year with some friends at Nolan's. After watching the countdown (with Psy!) we ventured upstairs where we made steaming cups of tea and played real-life mario party. AKA we stuck a water ballon on the kitchen faucet and took turns running around and turning on the water. Whoever the ballon explodes on gets eliminated and the next round begins. It sounds stupid but was actually really amusing in a stressful kind of way. I was pretty relieved when I finally got out on the 7th round lol. Then around 3 am we bundled up and headed out to the driveway where we symbolically lit Brian's old shitty sneakers on fire with olive oil and watched them get reduced to ashes. It was freezing outside but the fire was warm, although we had to stay clear of the black chemical-infused smoke that the shoes were giving off haha. Thomas kept joking that one of us was going to become a pyromaniac - "first come shoes, then buildings!" but he was the one who kept throwing little sticks and leaves in the fire with a little smile on his face…hmm….Once the shoes had given all they had left, we ventured inside and played mario party and brawl until  7. My eyes were on fire so I decided to get some sleep, but they were so goddamn loud that around 8:30 all the people who were trying to sleep just gave up and we decided to grab some breakfast at the Diner. The phrase "sleep terrorism" was coined, which couldn't be any more appropriate. Literally when Thomas had run out of things to say around 8, he picked up a random bag of pretzel chips and started to (loudly) read off the nutrition facts. Did you know that each chip has 10 calories? I wasn't aware until this year, but I'm so glad to finally know. I feel so informed. When I finally got home at 10, I crashed until 4:30 in the afternoon. For the rest of the day I finished sorting my high school papers and packed them away in a big box. Along the way I unearthed piles of old artwork which was a huge blast from the past. My drawings from ten years ago are faaar from pretty, trust me, but I got a kick out of shuffling through them. Which reminds me, I definitely plan on drawing more this year! My sketchbook barely has anything from 2012, how sad.

Chocolate cake, 7 Wonders, and Argo at Gabe's! 1/2/2013
Against my better judgement, had a steaming bowl of instant ramen for my first meal of Wednesday. For dinner I cooked some pork stir-fry with red peppers, onions, and this weird chinese vegetable that looks like a closed fist. No idea what it's called in english, but if you ever come across one, buy it, cook it, and enjoy it. I also made some daikon (chinese white radish) which I had a lot of fun slicing into perfect circles. Can't really explain it, but it was hilarious. Maybe I was just sleep deprived? Anyway…after dinner Nolan picked us up and we arrived at Gabriel's house for boardgames, chocolate cake, cranberry/seltzer beverages (thank you soda stream), and Argo ("Argo fuck yourself" solid quote from the movie). The film was pretty cool; it was about the Iranian hostage crisis, but at the same time I kind of wish we had watched Cloud Atlas. Regardless, I plan on watching it sometime soon - the trailer looked pretty kickass.

Spicy salmon yumyum 1/3/2013
Slept like a rock for thirteen and a half hours and woke up (to my horror) at 2:30. Played with Kaykay for a few hours, ran on the treadmill, and hurriedly took a shower before picking up some friends and heading to Nagoya for a sushi dinner.  What a terrible eating establishment….lol I kid, but it could've been better if they had hired me back over the summer, just saying. I did enjoy my spicy salmon with avocado though, as well as the gyoza. After a quick journey to Starbucks and some chitchat, the band congregated at dan's for some intense Taboo and CHOCOLATE.  Brian and I pulled a narrow victory over Daniel and "Big Tom". Also I think I began an affair with Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark….shhh don't tell Ferrero Rocher…   

Let the Carbohydrates Challenge begin! 1/4/2013
Today I woke up somewhat earlier so I could compete as a challenger in….the bread-bowl-with-a-side-of-bread challenge. The seven of us drove over to Panera and all ordered broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl with a side of bread. Nolan thought it was a brilliant idea to also order a sandwich, aka two more pieces of bread. Anyway, the point was just to finish all the carbs, so we were all winners, with Nolan securing the lead, followed closely by Nicole and Brian. I boarded the struggle bus and rode it slowly across the finish line, dead-last, but still a winner. It was pretty silly, but then again, so are most of the things we do. Tonight after dinner we headed over to Red Mang's where I constructed that masterpiece you see below.  I didn't think perfection was achievable, but I guess I was wrong. Ohoho. Afterwards we went to Nolan's and played some cards and video games, both of which got a little out of hand. My friends are pretty uh, interesting people, and I'm really going to miss having them around, although I certainly won't miss sleep terrorism. I don't know why I'm getting all emotional for; maybe it's because Thomas is leaving tomorrow, and I actually probably won't see him again for half a year. How strange. Anyway, time to sleep - big day tomorrow!
Ooof. The textures! The color scheme! The flavors! It's perfect.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Whoops. It's almost been another two months... here are some random excerpts I started but never finished....

November 16 ----
Waaah it's been less than a week and I'm posting again! So this week was actually pretty eventful I think. Well, at least the weekend was. Wednesday and Thursday were spent p-setting and playing badminton. The week was kind of chill, so I even had time to go running twice. Jesus christ I am so out of shape, but determined to stop my freshman 15 in it's tracks! Anyway, on friday night we went to the z-center for a bit and played against some pretty boss people (I swear it sounds like we play badminton a lot more than we actually do.) Afterwards we were pretty freaking tired, but Maseeh was having a party so I dragged myself out of Simmons and walked with Weiwei there where we met Chan and his Korean friend who was visiting. The dance floor was dark with clumps of people just standing around. The only people who were dancing was a girl in the back facing a wall and a stripper on a table. I think it might've been a cross-dressing guy.  Right after him some girl got up and basically ripped off her bra, then danced around holding her boobs. That was our cue to leave. Before we made it out the door, some guy told us we should've been there for the professional stripper (because she was soooo good) which meant that the people currently stripping were students. Lmao, it was kind of hilarious since it was a dorm not a frat.

I love my mom's cooking 
November 25 ----
I'm currently stuck in some mad traffic on the way back to Cambridge, so I figured now's the perfect time to blog about my week off! Actually, it's because I already slept for almost four hours and can't sleep anymore haha. Anyway, Wednesday was technically the last day of classes, but i hopped on a bus as soon as classes were over on Tuesday. I thought I was going to miss my bus so I made Kevin and Chan semi-run with me to the station (whilst pulling my luggage for me).  In the end I made it no problem, and settled down for a long ride. Left Cambridge at 4 pm, and after some bus-train-car shenanigans, finally arrived home at around 1 am.  It felt so indescribably good to be home! Had the best sleep ever in my own bed, followed by the best shower ever.  Then I drove (I LOVE DRIVING) to pick up mara and go visit the high school!  Talked to a slew of teachers, including my old math teacher who told us she had to deactivate her Facebook because of some inappropriate pictures…whoops. Also tracked down Mr. V who was at the powderpuff football game and learned from him that my last creation in his class (the giant clay sculpture of birds nesting in my head) blew up into smithereens in the kiln. It was pretty distressing since I spent so much of my time on that, but at the same time oddly relieving since that meant that I didn't need to glaze it! My emotions were so conflicted. V saw it as some sort of metaphorical representation showing my cutting of ties with them. Anyway, we met up with Nicole too and went to grab some Coppola's pizza for lunch. MAN, they do pizza right in a big way. When I left for college I honestly didn't really think I'd be homesick in anyway, but I guess I didn't notice how much I missed it all until I finally got home. Anyway, we caught with each other's lives, but I had to send them home since I had a s&k scheduled with Emma! That stands for sit & knit by the way. Yes, we are young women and enjoy knitting.  I finally cast off the scarf that I started making in sophomore year. We calculated that to be one sixth of my life spent on knitting that scarf. How sad. Anyway, we talked, laughed, and swapped some good college stories. My mom's home-cooked dinner was absolutely delicious! Even though I'm currently experiencing the college 10, I still stuffed my face. I'll work it off later…At around 9, I hopped in my car and picked up Schendt, Nolan, Nicole and Matt for some RED MANGO. Spoiler alert, it was closed. My precious white peach would have to wait :( Instead, Nolan thought it'd be a great idea for us to go to the swamp. I thought it was an awful idea, but for some reason I ended up driving there anyway. Holy Jesus the road was narrow and deserted. Everyone kept saying that it was the kind of place where people get killed. Thanks a lot. Eventually Nolan got the message that I wanted to get out of there, so he directed me onto another road which was somehow sketchier than the last. He even admitted to me that sometimes he bikes along that road and thinks he's going to die. Great. We eventually ended up at the Diner, where I split a happy waitress and effectively ate my second dinner. Sarah showed up halfway through and afterwards we headed to Nolan's where we learned a new card game called Yuker.

Now ----
At coffeehouse!
Waaah it's almost the end of 2012! I've been mad busy/lazy the past month to even type anything, but to sum it all up, I basically went back to school after Thanksgiving break and sort of lazed my way through the final wave of tests. Punted a few p-sets, actually avoided the third bio test because of a weird fire alarm in my testing room, and soon it was time for finals. On the last day of classes, I performed with some friends at the AAA coffeehouse event which was pretty fun. The day before the show they emailed us saying they couldn't get a drum set, so we (practically) stole the one from Simmons and half carried half pushed it to the student center on a little red shopping cart. Kind of amusing looking back, but at the time it was not-so-enjoyable. In the past month I've also watched five movies. One was American Psycho which I watched over break at Gabe's house. Holy balls it was pretty messed up. Stupid psychological thrillers -_- The second was 200 Pounds Beauty, a Korean film, which I really enjoyed! I watched it with my roommate on her laptop during a random power outage. Then I watched three movies in a row with Chan on the days we had off to study for finals lol. Push was pretty cool, but it ended with a shitty cliffhanger and apparently the movie didn't do well enough in theaters to make a sequel. Fantastic. What did do well though was... Despicable Me! Such a cute, feel-good movie :) It really amazes me how people are able to animate and put together films like that - wouldn't that be such an awesome job? Anyway, the last movie we watched was Hello Ghost, another Korean film, and Chan had been nagging me to watch it with him for ages, so we did....and buckets of tears poured out of my eyes at the end. It was a really weird twist, not necessarily sad, but more of a sudden bittersweet realization. Chan said that only his parents and cousin have seen him cry before, but during the movie the couch started to shake, and I looked over and saw him with tears streaming down him face. Kevin fell asleep for a bit in the middle, and was really mad when he didn't cry at the end haha. Saturday night was supposed to be our S&M lounge secret santa (that stands for Sonya & Minerva by the way...what did you think!?) so we spent the day shopping (AKA not studying). I made Chan a card with minions on it since he loved those, burned him a CD, and bought two pairs of earrings. Apparently the ones I bought him were called princess huggie earrings...whoops. At midnight we all sat in a circle in the lounge, laughing and trading presents. The light hearted atmosphere made it finally feel like the holiday season! I got a batman calendar (stupid inside joke), some cherry blossom lotion, and chocolate from Serena. Chan told me it was probably the best Christmas present he's ever gotten, which kind of made my day haha.
Secret Santa in the lounge! 
Christmas Eve dinner cooked by yours truly :) 
My finals week was a disgrace to humanity. I probably studied more for high school midterms than I did for my first round of college finals. Actually, that's only partially true. I studied quite a lot for Japanese and chemistry (out of fear). But after three hours of chem on tuesday morning, I had absolutely no motivation to study for bio. So instead, I took a nap, ate two meals, and somehow it came to be 10pm. It was a pretty bad feeling when I realized that my final was in 11 hours and I hadn't even started studying yet lol. Somehow I pulled it off, and swore that I'd never do that to myself again....except that the same exact thing happened the next night right before the calc final lolol. Thank god for pass/no record this semester, I promise I'll be better come spring term :'D Anyway, right after the 18.02 final, I ate and packed like a madman for china. Soon I left Simmons behind and made it to South Station just in time for my bus. It actually felt a little weird to know I won't be back until February; I'm going to miss the place I've spent the last four months of my life at! Anyway, since I've been home, I've mostly been lazing around, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. I've been to a few Asian parties, ate a lot of good Chinese food, did a lot of shopping and caught up with a bunch of people. I also dragged Emma with me to guitar center a few days ago and bought myself a ukulele! Yayay it's so fun but singing along is kind of a challenge. I'm working on it though. The other night some people came over and we chilled while watching Mulan on VHS. It was actually kind of awesome how entertained some of them were by the movie.
Friends balancing cups on their....belts.
On saturday it snowed but my friends dragged me out to shop and we finally got brian new shoes! Yes! He's been wearing the same pair for ages. Yesterday my family dragged me out to do some more shopping, except this place was a far away outdoor mall, and I froze my ass off for 7 hours. On the bright side I bought a really (embarrassingly) cute suitcase and finally caved and got Uggs. Holy balls they are so goddamn warm. Props to the store for making us wait outside so by the time we finally made it in the store we were ready to blow our money on anything and everything that'd keep us warm haha. For dinner we went to this Asian buffet that we haven't been to in the longest time. It was so nostalgic eating all of the foods I used to love when I was a kid! Regrettably, I completely stuffed my face. Whoops. My goal is to lose the 10 pounds I gained at college before returning in February, and that probably didn't do me any favors haha. Buuuut I've actually managed to run three miles daily for the past week and hopefully I'll keep it up!

So I'm currently sitting at an Asian party finishing up this post. Sorry everything seems so choppy and random, my memory is jumping all over the place. Anyway, today is New Year's Eve! I can hardly believe the year is over, but it's definitely been a great one filled with good friends, both old and new. Should be heading over to Nolan's soon to rush in the new year with everyone, here's to another great year! :)