Monday, December 23, 2013

Daddy Shark

How has it only been a week since Thanksgiving break ended? It feels like an eternity! Luckily I survived last week - finished and presented my final project for my building systems class.  Me and my partner ran into a lot of snags along the way, and I pulled a pretty hectic all-nighter the night before, but we finished, and I gotta say, it looked fucking badass.  We made an office building in San Francisco that was 150% self sufficient and ran on solar power and biomass energy harvested from a giant algae tank facade that covered the building.  Honestly it looked kind of like a weird ass UFO from some sic-fi movie, but I was pretty attached to it. Thank god it's over though! One down. Last week I also somehow managed to take my last two tests in Japanese. Now all I have in one last presentation tomorrow, and I'm done with that class for the semester! Wooohoooo
Lol so I never finished this blog post, and now I'm coming back to it! It's now been two weeks since Thanksgiving break, and it feels like two eternities! (Ha see what I did there?)

Today was a pretty hectic day. Actually this whole week has been pretty busy scrambling around from practice to 
Well, I fell asleep attempting to write that last one.
Lol screw it I'm just gonna post this thing. 

Colorful stalls/graffiti wall/awesome building in New York! Also the inside of a gap fitting room since I thought it looked cool lol
I call this piece "Friends with Food".  As you can see, I tried to explore the relationship between my friends and my food, utilizing different techniques such as foreground, background, and focus.
Lol my dad is a shark...also he can levitate mini beach balls with a blow dryer. Crazy.
Obligatory food collage. Happy Waitress from the diner, bellobello panini from Rebecca's, omelette+sriracha via dining hall, kick ass food from Xi'an Famous Foods (downtown Manhattan), home-cooked goodness, quality ramen, more dining hall food, and FOOD TRUCK EGGPLANT MMM.

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  1. hhshshshshahaha your dad is so cool!
    wtf giant algae tank facade girl design my house when i grow up that sounds like the sickest shit


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