Friday, September 27, 2013

Rainbow Buildings and Black Webs

Currently sipping a mug of honey-saturated tea and kicking back to some Imagine Dragons.  Aka feeling pretty damn good.  Earlier today I was being a real downer - and after classes were over, I sat down for about four hours straight and slapped my feelings onto a large piece of paper. Afterwards I dragged my lazy ass out the door for a jog in the gorgeous weather. Man those endorphins are really amazing. I got back to my dorm in much higher spirits and actually liked the "piece-of-shit" that I made today.  I noticed that lately my emotions fluctuate a lot.  I let little things get to me and it's almost like I enjoy wallowing in unjustified feelings of self-pity.  I realize that happiness isn't something that's just going to fall into my lap - it's a day-to-day journey and a mindset.  So I am going to try harder to be happy and not dwell on what-ifs all the time.  I know my recent posts seem pretty confusing and jumbled up, but blogging it out is my way of sorting my thoughts, so please bear with me! ^^  
That upper left corner was pretty fun to make - I colored pieces of grey paper, wrote out my negative thoughts and then ripped them up, collaged them together, and overlaid marker and pastels. The rest was just extremely random.  The foot being Exhibit A. 
Watching sail boats and canoes from the dock. Biking at night. Minerva's terrifying array of free shirts from career fair. The most amazing chocolate covered pretzels (I devoured that bag in practically one go).  Weiwei snapchatted me a picture of him with the Snapchat team (sooo meta). Fruit-by-the-foot tongue….brick wall with random extrusions. Hugging "Eunice Da Dawg". Delicious study break @_@

Friday, September 20, 2013

Floating Boats and Floating Thoughts

Hmm, you might be wondering why I'm posting again, only 24 hours after my last post. Today was kind of weird for me emotionally, so I thought I'd take some time and blog about it while waiting for the sun to rise (but really, I hope I'll be asleep before that happens).  After classes ended, I took a 4 hour nap sleep and then went jogging with Eunice since it was such a beautiful day out.  I think practically all of Cambridge agreed, since the streets were packed with joggers and bikers, and the Charles was filled with boats!  We sat on the dock for a bit and somehow ended up learning how to play hackysack from this awesome black dude with dreadlocks. 
Today I also found out that the guy I liked from last year recently got a girlfriend. At first I was only slightly surprised.  But after a while I felt really weird about it. He was the one who told me that he didn't want a relationship since he wasn't completely over his last girlfriend, and that he needed time to think about us.  Seeing him in a relationship makes me sad - not because I wish it were me in her place, but because it makes me doubt myself.  It makes me wonder why he was so unsure about me. It makes me think back on my past and how I always turned people down or backed out of relationships before they could start. I kept a distance because I was scared to take that first step and afraid of getting hurt or ruining a friendship.  I took a chance on our friendship last year, granted I fucked it up pretty badly and got hurt in the process, but somehow am proud of myself for going through with it.  A friend drunk texted me recently telling me to "regret the things you've done, not the things you haven't" and I think he really has a point there.  Strangely enough, I'm also happy for him.  I'm happy that he was able to settle into a relationship after being disillusioned by his last two, and at the same time I'm also jealous of him.  Today I started reading 40 Days of Dating, an experiment between two friends - one who is always looking for a serious relationship, and one who is scared of commitment. At one point, it said "When you meet the right person, it all just clicks. Everything feels easy, and you just "know"" If that's what he's experiencing right now, then yes I admit I'm quite jealous. But who knows, maybe it'll happen to me too one of these days :)
Talking over pizza at 4am is always a solution 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well, I have to wake up in less than five hours for class, but somehow I find myself typing up this blog even though all my face wants to do right now is make contact with my pillow. 

Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It was sunny and bright, but also had that crisp-fall-feeling. I wore my comfy ripped boyfriend jeans and sat outside the student center, basking in the sunshine while happily eating an Asian pastry and smiling like an idiot. I even went for a jog across the river with weiwei which was really relaxing (and physically impossible at the same time considering the terrible shape i'm in.) Then once I got back to my dorm, I was greeted with the magical arrival of new cuesticks! We played a few rounds to break them in, and it was evident how much of a difference an intact cue makes lol. 

Today I went to this thing called "Japanese Lunch Table" for the first time.  It's a weekly gathering of a bunch of japanese speakers in the boston area and we basically eat lunch and talk with them for two hours. I was painfully awkward at first, but eventually eased into conversation with a man from Osaka.  He had a lot of questions, and we had a pretty good talk.  At one point we were discussing how Japanese people are comfortable with being completely naked with other people (communal open showers). Quality content right there. But yeah, holding a conversation with native speakers is a pretty great feeling; it's kind of hard to explain.  I'm definitely going to make an effort to go from now on and hopefully get better!

Now it's time for me to pass out.  Actually, I already passed out and am struggling to stay conscious and finish this post. Goooood Nii--

ahaha I'm so funny.

but it's not far from reality.

-_- z...Zz….zZ...z 
noms in the sun, my fabulous post-shower roomie, climbed onto his dresser to get something from a box, laughing her ass off uncontrollably on the table post-energy drink, sitting on the dock looking back at Cambridge!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ups and Downs

Yay, as promised, I am actually blogging about the past week! So last weekend was actually pretty fun - I had auditions for ADT, DT, and Mocha - ultimately didn't get into DT or Mocha, but learning the choreo was a good time and I'll get in next semester >:D. Last weekend I also went out for sum dim sum (see what I did there? oho) with Matt! Ate some delicious food and wandered around boston for a bit. The beginning of the week was honestly pretty bad.  I felt sluggish and absolutely lost in all of my classes. It's so easy to feel inferior in this place and I have to remember to not let it get to me. :\ But after wednesday, things started looking up (mostly since I was done with studio for the week lol).  On thursday students from Tokyo University came to visit my japanese class!  After class, one of them asked me to take him to get Mexican food so a whole group of us went to grab some Beantown and checked out the MIT Museum afterwards.  I really enjoyed talking to them, but it was also very tiring to struggle with Japanese for 3 hours straight xD.  Before we split, Yuki thanked me and said if I ever needed help with Japanese homework, I could ask him. So nice @_@ Anyway, yesterday was a really chill day - classes ended early and I went back to sleep lol. In the afternoon I went with Randi to go get my bike fixed - and the guy at the shop literally did it for free! He was so nice :'D That night we watched the premier of korra!  But the stupid TV DIDNT HAVE CABLE, so we ended up missing the first half while frantically looking for a live stream online. Lol if you read my last blog post, you probably already know what I did after korra.  We went to our friend's frat and hung out, drank (flaming shots holy shit), played pool/set/taboo, sang karaoke, and chatted.  Before we knew it, it was 4 am. I was actually surprised at how quickly the time passed! And I was also pleasantly surprised at how happy I was feeling.  I'm determined to stay more positive this semester, wish me luck :)
THEY ARE SO GOOD. Also, the drummer was ridiculous. And see those giant balloons? I managed to catch one….but then after a few minutes it popped T_T
Dim sum/wandering around boston/MIT Museum! (there was an exhibit about condoms…) 
Eating dinner with my awesome pseudo-hippie roommate! Looking out over Lobby 10 late at night. A weird baby-machine at the MIT Museum. KORRA PREMIER. Happy times with friends ^^

Flaming Shots

Hmm so I thought it'd be fun to try and blog while i'm drunk, but sadly i was too slow, and I think i'm pretty much sober now. Shame. Anyway, starting from where I left off last time….FALL OUT BOY WAS AMAZING.  After nearly busting a kidney from trying to find transportation to the concert, we managed to walk 2 miles and borrow a car. I drove us to the stadium just in time for Fall Out Boy to go on. (We missed Panic! and some other band, but oh well) When they started their first song I nearly cried from happiness…. It's sad because I'm not even exaggerating. Hearing all their songs live was fucking incredible. @__@ I don't even know what else to say right now. Shit it was awesome. Okay maybe I'm not actually sober right now; I keep wanting to face-plant on the keyboard and go to sleep. Actually, screw this I'm going to sleep ^^ I'll actually blog tomorrow about the past week! Goooooood nightttt~

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Am A Walrus

Oh wow it's been quite some time since I last posted. A lot has happened since then! I enjoyed another month and a half of work hanging out with friends/family, watched a number of terribad movies (which include the Love Guru, GI Joe, Recall, and LOL (starring the one and only Miley Cyrus)), went to the beach (and didn't get sunburned!), took a trip into the city, ate some delicious chicken curry katsu, went to a couple of asian parties, started and finished watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood in 4 days (64 episodes….), watched the Korean drama I Hear Your Voice which was pretty amazing (I recommend it to anyone who has a few days to waste), bought a tablet (<3 wacom intuos5), packed up my life, and moved back to Boston.  Since then I've performed a few times with ADT, went to a DT workshop, helped out a bit with rush week, caught up with friends, met new people, and played a little too much pool. Classes also started two days ago! So far I've been late to almost every single class….I really need to get my shit together.  Also in a few hours I will be leaving for…. A FALL OUT BOY CONCERT. HA I'm so excited! When they announced that they were going on tour, I decided I'd finally go see them before they could break up again lol. So yeah, that's the last two months of my life poorly summarized in one paragraph.

Wedding card I made for my neighbor (who's getting married on a mountain in colorado!) Random drawing I never finished. Congratulation-cards for some family friends. And a shot of my colorful art supplies :) 
Went out for some sushi buffet to celebrate Gabriel's 20th! Also some random shots from the beach, city-bound train, and bananagrams. Nolan somehow managed to buckle himself into my 5-year-old sister's car seat….
FOOD! Eggplant, roasted red pepper, tomato, and muenster cheese on fried bread.  Greek yogurt with fresh peaches, blueberries, walnuts and dried cranberries. Lunch with my mom :) Sushi buffet!!!<3<3<3 and of course, the best for last, chicken katsu curry.
Ed came to visit! For lunch I cooked some (too) spicy eggplant and fried mantou. Also, Nicole moved! That's me and her cat reunited at her new house. Also I'm not sure if my friends are turning 20 or 5. 
Giant tower someone built out of little wooden blocks! (it spanned two floors) Kaykay at the creek <3 The pennies my coworker left on my desk everyday. All my stuff packed and ready to go! Pool halls, lol. Brian taught me how to actually play minesweeper and I won my first game ever. Eunice brought back this weird pop-rocks-chocolate…that actually kind of hurt to eat, but tasted so good.  Last but not least, my disgusting-wendy's-infested cubicle.  Good times.