Sunday, September 19, 2010


I dunno why I'm actually taking the time to write a second post.  Maybe because junior year is driving me crazy even though it's only the second week :\
Seriously I feel like crap already.  I spent all week waiting for friday, and once the weekend finally came, my parents wouldn't even let me out of the house. great.  So I'm stuck here in prison drowning in homework and feeling shitty.  To make it even better, I'm starving and the only thing to eat in my house is leftovers.  I'm pretty sure that's the only thing we EVER have to eat.  Which hardly makes sense because the leftovers have to not be leftovers at one point in their lives(?).


So I just read some old entries in a blog by a girl who totally hates me due to a huge retarded misunderstanding that happened a couple months ago.  Her entries basically said stuff like "Sonya can fucking suck my dick" and that i'm a fucked up bitch messing up another perfectly good friendship.
Reading stuff like that about myself kinda sucks to be honest.  
But it's dumb cuz we used to be friends and something that never even happened made her hate me.  Who knows, she might've hated me for other reasons too, but whatever.
Soooo the moral of this story is that i want to somehow make things right, or atleast let her know i didn't have some stupid intentions.  I'll probably write about how that turns out later :\
-end rant-

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  1. Oh no Sonya! It's okay, now we can go out every Friday if you want.... but we will probably be eating leftovers too...
    and who is this terrible person! I will avenge youuuuu


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