Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kinda Resolved!

I talked to that girl about the whole misunderstanding thing, and i think she doesn't hate me anymore. Except now i think she's mad at this other guy for something else. -_-

Anyway, school this week so far was extremely lame.  Loads of homework and shit that i just don't want to deal with.

But on monday i got about 4 hours of sleep, and tuesday actually turned out to be like the best day ever.
I'm pretty sure it was only because i felt totally high.

And now i'm procrastinating on my APUSH essay that's due tomorrow.  I've gotten about three sentences done so far, after like 3 hours of working on it.  I guess a sentence per hour isn't bad, but i need atleast 500 more words now :\

Marching band is fun like usual, but god damnit, this one kid who's in the bassline with me has to be the most annoying freshman in the world, though i'll probably rant about that later or something.

I also got this fantastic bug bite on my wrist, which was small at first, but after i played volleyball it's transformed into this big retarded red thing.  It looks like an allergic reaction almost and itches like hell. -_-

Now there's this crazy wind storm or whatever going on outside, and of course my mom opened all the windows.  So the doors in my house are just randomly slamming by themselves, which is really not distracting at all when i'm trying to work on my essay.  Except i'm not actually working on it, so i guess it doesn't matter much.

Well, time to go out in the wind and try to sell some last minute cheesecakes! (it's to raise money for my music trip this year)


  1. it's good that you fixed the problem w/ur friend. Procrastination is not the answer. Finish your stupid work so that you can sleep. Sleep is your best friend in junior year.

    Put some aloe on your wrist.

    And music trip??? for marching band?

  2. Yay resolution! And its okay to procrastinate... I know you somehow finish it in the end... also yo I understand the bug bite so much! I recommend hydrocortisone for inflammation because its an immunosupressant but if its actually infected better to use antibiotics! It will go away :D
    also I would like to purchase a cheesecake from you


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