Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm not sleep deprived anymore!
We didn't have school today, and I literally spent the whole day doing laundry and chilling out (after waking up at 1).  And yesterday when i got home from school i took a 6 hour nap.  So basically i'm feeling fantastic.

On the other hand, yesterday i got my finger stuck in a door (haha get it??) so now i have swollen finger and can't use chopsticks.  Which might be one of the major bummers.  On the brightside, i had jazz band auditions the day before (which sucked pretty bad) so the timing was good.  Ohhh and also, last weekend the marching band got first place for Northern States and won best drumline (nbd ;D).  I'm pretty proud of my section, even though they still annoy the hell out of me.

Moving on, things with my friend (diner guy) seem to be getting better, but we'll see how that goes. Oh, and i'd totally talk about how shitty the last two weeks have been, but it's over and done with (THANK GOD) and now i'm just looking forward to hanging out with my still-to-be-named band tomorrow (even though i can't play, stupid finger).  I plan on having the best weekend ever before plunging back into hell, though i will try to be as sanguine (SAT word nbd) as possible when that happens.  My japanese teacher tells us that everything depends on our personal "map".  It's not the event that leads to failure/success, it's the way we interpret the event.  And even though he can be a total jackass, i kind of agree with him.  I realized these past few weeks that things are only bad if we make it out to be.  We need to chill out and accept things instead of facing everything with a negative attitude.  Things such as school aren't worth ruining our moods over.  We need to do our best, but not let failure get to us.  That's my new philosophy, deep huh?  I'm going to stick to that and make it out of junior year alive.

So today i found out about this dance crew called "instant noodles".  Needless to say, it made me really happy xD

Oh and my dad's birthday is in a couple of days ! Today my little 2 year old sister went shopping with my mom to get him a present (while i was still sleeping).  When he got home from work she ran up to him and told him how they went shopping and bought him clothes.  It was ridiculously adorable since she was so excited to tell him.  My mom was just -__-  hahaha and then she tried to find the bag to show him, but my mom already hid it.  I'm going shopping for a present tomorrow, so i better not let my sister see it ! hahaha

I guess that's it for today !  I need my beauty sleep. I'm getting white hairs, no lie. D:

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  1. ahhhh yay Sonya glad your life outlook is getting better :D
    also you have a lot of white hairs LOL


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