Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life is average n__n

....and extremely devoid of sleep, again.  Sunday night 4 hours, monday night 3 hours. FANTASTIC.

On monday i was up finishing ap art homework (big surprise) and i'm actually really happy with how it came out.  I sort of tried too hard though and it took forever cuz i'm a perfectionist. After i finished it i went downstairs to eat rice at 2, and when i came back upstairs, i noticed stuff that i needed to fix. xD It drives me crazy when i see mistakes, and i can't rest till they're fixed. But anyway, here it is! (i used oil pastels)

So besides for art taking up my life, there isn't much else going on. (How sad) Oh, and another thing, my teacher wants to enter one of my drawings in an art show (: 

Right now i'm drinking a delicious french vanilla coolata, and i thought i had so much to write, but i can't remember anything. -_- My memory has seriously been going downhill.  I was like hell yeah i'm gonna write an interesting post! and that's just not happening.  I guess i'll blog again once i remember :\

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  1. hehehehe yay art! it's very nice Sonya :) also what is a coolata


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