Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday ? Chinese New Year? Setsubun?

Yes it is all three (setsubun is a japanese festival where you throw beans at demons and chase them out of your house)

Well so far my day was......eeeh, extremely average to start

....but then it was fantastic because of my friends (:

so it basically started at 12:00 am when i was in a screaming match with my mom about god knows what.  I don't even remember.  But then i woke up to yells of "YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE"
so of course i rush, and still end up late to my driver's test.
this asshole freak yells at me for not having decals
so i go stand in line for 50 minutes, and get decals.
then i go back and get yelled at for other various things.
then i fail.
then i get a lecture on how i'm great at driving, but suck at parallel parking.
then i fume while my dad drives me home.
then i get chilli, finish crying, and go to school
then i have an awful time at school, but a few of my friends were really nice to me (:
then i am about to finally go home, when my physics group decides to work on a project
then i walked out of my friends car and walk back to school
so i work on the project for like 15 minutes and walk home through the ice and random shit.
then i have another argument with my parents, surprised?

but THEN my fantastic and loving friends come over and give me gangster shoes haha
then another fantastic friend made me red velvet cupcakes nummm
then i ate a candy dumpling that my sister made <3
then i went to SUPER GAY indoor drumline
then my friend crashed in the middle of it and gave me a coolata (:
then the same friend came and drove me home and we ate cake and cupcakes and all sorts of delicious fattening things
then she left :'(
and now i'm typing this blog !!
So even though the day got off to an awful start, i feel fantastic right now
oh! and my japanese exchange student from last year just IMed me (:
in short, it was the best birthday and the worst birthday, but i liked it n_n
now i'm gonna go eat dumplings cuz it's also CHINESE NEW YEAR !
Happy New Year guys !!

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  1. ho shit you failed your driving test on your birthday??? I hope your 20th birthday was better.... ;) also we will be ridiculous for your 21st birthday idk yet what we gonna do but we gonna plan something sickkkkkkkk


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