Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just another boring day....OR WAS IT?

No it definitely wasn't. (and lol for cheesy titles)

So today my dad and I left for new york city at around 7:30 am, and arrived at penn station at 8:45 ish
Then we got onto a subway car, and only after 5 minutes onboard, the car stopped and the lights went out.
When the backup lights came on, everyone was freaked out about what possibly could be the problem.  Amidst the confusion, i somehow realized that the girl sitting next to me went to camp with me two years ago. Random, huh?  But this woman next to me somehow recognized her right after me, and it turned out that her son went to the same school as her.  As they chatted about school and college (i sat in the middle, it sucked) the rest of the car was tense.  No one knew what had happened and the conductor wasn't telling us.  All of a sudden the end of the car opened, and a bunch of people filled into our already-crowded car.  They were just as confused and said they were told to move far back.  Then a few minutes later, a group of about 6 or 7 police officers sprinted through our car towards the front of the train.  We saw them running around on the tracks and searching for something (or someone D:) with flashlights.  When everything became silent again, people started to freak out.  A woman across from me offered some explanations.  She told us about this time 7 years ago when they had to stop and evacuate a subway train because there was someone on the tracks trying to commit suicide.  More time passed and the loudspeaker finally gave us a vague explanation that there was a violent man, but he had been arrested and we would be moving shortly.  Half an hour later, a police officer told us that a murderer who killed 4 people and wounded several others yesterday, had been arrested today.  Apparently a man recognized him while he was reading the morning paper, and notified police.  We didn't hear it from our car, but there had been a stabbing and a lot of screaming. Well, technically, the police officer didn't give us any of that information.  He just said that they arrested an alleged murderer.  As awful as it sounds, this gave everyone a feeling of security, finally knowing what was going on (kind of) even though there was a freaking murderer on our train.

Another hour passed, and a man who happened to have a copy of the new york times gave it to this little woman who read the article aloud to everyone.  Every 15 minutes the conductor would tell us to be patient, and of course no one was being patient lol.  This one woman started to get pretty pissed, and then all the women around me yelled at her and told her to count her blessings because she was damn lucky she wasn't in the same car as the murderer guy and that we were safe.  She kept on repeating the phrase "we're safe, we're safe" even after the pissed lady fell silent.  Finally we evacuated the train slowly and police officers had to take everyone's statements.  We basically had no idea what actually happened so all we could contribute was that people came into our car and police officers ran through it. When we were finally let off the train, we arrived at the police-swarmed platform.  Legit, they were everywhere.  My dad and I walked up the steps, resurfacing only to see the press snapping photos with their noisy cameras.  My dad told me we were famous. I told him he was dumb.

By then two hours had passed, and we'd missed our scheduled info session and tour at columbia.  So we went to this amazing noodle house and i had this gigantic bowl of curry chicken soup noodle.  It was delicious, needless to say.  Then we walked around in the freezing cold since we were at around 42nd street and we needed to get to 100 something.  We tried the subway again, but they shut down the line in order to question people and stuff.

Okay the exciting stuff is basically over, so i'll just summerize the rest of it.
We went shopping for a little, missed our 2:11 train, walked around, and just made it to the 3:11 train haha.

Then we went home, the end.

Anyway, here's the article with details:

I had other stuff to talk about, but i think i've typed enough for today -_-

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  1. hehehehe i remember this story! good thing you didnt like columbia so you could come to MIT

    lol of course you got curry noodles


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