Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy Crap I Haven't Posted in Forever

For real, it's been about a month since my last post.

I'm back from the motherland ! I'm sure you all missed my wonderful blog posts.  If you haven't figured it out, blogger was blocked in china so i couldn't post all my pictures (I looked like the biggest tourist ever) and talk about the wonderful historic sites i went to see (yay.)  Actually i've been home for a week, but marching band preseason is controlling my life atm so i haven't done anything this week except for sleeping, eating, going to marching band, and napping in between.

On friday we had drumline bonding !  After going to Micky D's for a snack, we got everyone (minus roper because he told us he needed to prepare for the hurricane with his family) to go bowling ! It was bass drums and quints VS snares.  We lost. Twice. But on the brightside, i think it actually did help us bond.  When i juxtapose this year's drumline with my freshmen and sophomore years, it's kind of sad how antisocial we all were before.  My first year on bass drum was spent in fear, lmao. After bowling, the basses pilled in my car and i drove them home.  While we were driving (i think it was about midnight) it started pouring and i was freaking out because i thought it was the hurricane lol, but the actual hurricane didn't hit hard until late the next night.  My dad also named our new computer Irene in honor of the storm.  He thought it was hilarious.  We were actually at nicole's house for mara's surprise bday party when the rain really started coming down.  That's also when we received the phone call that there was a road ban and we had to go home haha. So we jumped in my car and drove home in the rain, which was scary tbh even though it wasn't even raining that hard.  Anyway, me and emma got mara a cute shirt that said "Leave Me Alone I'm Dancing" which i found very fitting since she goes line dancing basically every weekend.  I also burned her the CD that i've been promising to burn her for weeks haha.

Okay and now i'm really tired so i'm going to sleep. Still need to practice my music for the playing evaluation tomorrow. Yay.

I'll post china pics/ stories later this week !!! Ahhhh i have so much i need to write ! And school starts in a week ! I'm going to be a senior, how crazy is that ?

Good night !

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  1. when did you pass your driving test??
    also wtf you drove around pre hurricane aahahahahaha
    wow CD burning so stone age girl its all about the cloud and the zip file via dropbox


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