Monday, April 8, 2013

Life in Color

It's been only about two weeks since I last posted, but seems like so much longer! Had a great spring break, and a hectic first week back.  It didn't help matters that I was addicted to the second season of Nikita. AKA scrambling to do homework at 5 am after Netflix marathons every night…

Finally finished the second season yesterday (technically today…) and was relieved that I'd finally be able to get some work done, but nope.  Just found out that there's a season three. OH MY GOD.  Stupid Netflix lead me to believe it ended with season two and with a shit-ton of cliffhangers.  I don't know if I should be super happy or worried about this new development.
Spent some quality time with friends, both old and new, and family :)  Chan stayed over for a few days (he really liked that talking bunny) and I met up with Mara, Nicole, and Daniel! That's our serious Starbucks picture followed by a not-so-serious-window selfie. 
Went to NYC for a day to visit Ed! We went to the Highline which was pretty awesome. Ate some bangin' carrot cake and got our asses kicked at pool.  Then met up with Weiwei and Kevin for some quality Korean food and karaoke.  Then me and Chan ran like crazy people through times square to catch our train.  I felt like one of those people in action movies that have to run through intense crowds to get away from some lunatic.  Also check out those awesome-cut-aluminum cans.  You get to see the coolest things in the city~
My child.  Pulled another all-nighter for this…it's a bad feeling when you're walking out of the building while everyone else is walking in, breakfast and Dunkin' in hand.  Good thing Taylor stayed for most of the time too.  I probably would've passed out if it weren't for her nonstop talking :)
Took a trip to the MoMA in New York!  My Modern Art and Mass Culture class went to go check out this new exhibit called "Inventing Abstraction".  At first I was really skeptical about spending 10 hours on a bus just to see a couple of "colorful shapes" but it was actually worth it.  There's this incredible difference between looking at a painting in a catalogue and seeing it tower over you in person, almost enveloping your being.  Okay, maybe not that intense.  I also got to see THE Starry Night! Waaah so crazy.  By the way, that chicken wrap was mad good.
Partyin' it up in Boston.  Got tipsy for the first time - felt kind of nice to let loose for a night :) Saw that awesome car along the way.  It looks like it's straight out of Transformers or something.  Also, poker night and Thai food with the badminton club!

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  1. lol kevin what stance hahahahahah also waaaaaaaau you even party with kevin in new york but not minerva TT^TT i see how it is.....


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