Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Complete Freedom is the Most Terrifying

Hmm, so it's been about a month and five days since I last blogged…guess it's about time to update this thing lol. Been pretty damn busy the past month with class/dance/badminton/general laziness. Yes, I can be busy with laziness.  Currently despising my art history class after getting assigned an essay that was due on the same day as our midterm.  After finishing my essay at 6 am, the plan was to take a quick nap and study for the test.  Overslept until 20 minutes before the test and literally sat down and took an exam I'd barely studied for.  I almost felt like a bad ass, but just wait until I get my scores back…oh god.  On the bright side, the weather is starting to get better, and I've met quite a few interesting people this semester! Haha, now I'm just saying random things to take up space. I'll let the pictures do the talking (technically the subtitles, but still.)
Thanks to my 365 project, I have a shit ton of photos from the past month….enjoy.
1) My physics professor wearing a woman's wig for the sake of science.
2) Take what you NEED…the one missing was "rest"…sums up MIT pretty well.
3) Cool display in dining.
4) Frraaattt parrttyy. Lol you can barely tell
5) Inside of bathroom stall - "Kindness is Contagious"
6-8) Snowsnowsnow
1) Kind of doing work…kind of not.
3) Trying to take artsy pics of  my architecture project
4) Eunice attempting a 178(?) step origami phoenix - holy balls.
5) Roomie accompanying me in studio!
6) At ADP….drinks that glow??
7) Some crazy asian banquet downstairs during our physics exam
8) Got to tour the robot lab - lol the robots resemble the guy
1) Can you spot the difference? Hehe
2) Writing my essay…and experiencing the sunrise - so bright I almost cried.
3) Walking back from class.  Exciting, I know.
4) Pulling an all-nighter in studio… from my window seat I can see a mini projection of myself in a window all the way across the library. Trippy huh?
5) FINALLY FINISHED. #7a.m.andproud
6) The sky is finally blue :)
7) These guys actually built an igloo out of huge cubes of snow…
8) Happy 19th I-ling!
9) Our GRT made us kebabs! She loves us :')
1+8) White board doodles (so scandalous)
2) Sunset (please note how artsy I am)
3) Free raspberry lemon cake yumyum
4) Asian dance team retreat!
5) Fancy selfies in a fancy elevator.
6) Crew practice on the Charles
7) New extension of our project! Woohoooo
My first architecture review! The reviewers ended up really liking my project :) I was so happy~
Ate at Mr. Bartley's with Jennjenn! Check out my $8 strawberry malt….but so worth it (also since it's on the list).  Walked around Harvard Square and had this Hispanic spray-paint artist stop us and talk to us in Chinese.  It was awesome.

Ahhh~ finally finished.  Time to sleep…in my own bed! Yup that's right, home for spring break - but that's a blog for another day. 'night!

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  1. oooooh the start of the collaging bc too many photos hehehehehhehe
    i cant believe im not part of your selfie collections TTT^TTTT
    also eunice never finished that phoenix i think hahahahaha....


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