Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Your Atmosphere

Time passes by so slowly but so quickly.  It's hard to believe that my freshman year is almost over! The second half of this semester has been pretty difficult to get through.  Sometimes it's just so hard to make decisions when your heart and head are pulling you in completely opposite directions.  I know I've been prettttty obnoxiously ambiguous lately with my vague posts and moody nighttime skyline shots (this post so far, exhibit A), so I apologize for that. But moving on, time to fill in the gaps since spring break! 
Officer Sean Collier's memorial service and  MIT from across the river after the Boston Marathon bombing and the craziness that followed.  It was hard to believe how close everything was.  One of our dorm managers showed me a picture that his son sent him from the next town over; it was of a bullet hole in his window.  How scary is that? 
A capella is awesome - especially the Logs (I almost cried from listening to them sing… )
Spring Fest - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!
Beautiful view from studio
Selling tickets for our Asian Dance Team showcase…aka dicking around with the decor
Made a cow-pig out of styrofoam…and my grad architecture friend casually made a fucking pavilion for it. What a boss.
My choreographer wrote us notes and gave us ramen! 
Impromptu decision at 3 in the morning to chop off my hair….Thanks Eunice (:
Went for a midnight run, came across a shopping cart, and took turns pushing each other around lmao
Early morning Simmons.  Absolutely love walking back from studio…
Cube project! "Inspired by pool" So abstract it hurts.
Danced my ass off the past three weeks…One ADT show and five DT shows…holy balls.  It was pretty time-consuming but I'm definitely gonna do it again next semester!
Welp, that's the extremely broad summary of my past month or so here.  One week of finals left and I'm DONE.  My first final is about a day away and I haven't started studying yet….but that's beyond the point. The point is, that I fucking finished season three of Nikita last night! Lol actually that's not the point either. Surprise, there is no point.  Okay, when I start writing random crap like this it usually means it's time to sleep. Night :) Wish me luck!

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  1. weeeeee hehe hair so exciteeeeeee <3 <3 also nice dance faces ;) so wonderful


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