Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaving Home for Home

Time is passing way too quickly! I can't believe that I'm done with my freshman year of college already. Seriously, holy crap.  Looking back on everything, it's been a pretty great first year.  Took chances, met a lot of amazing people, and learned things that I'll probably keep with me for a long time.  The end of the semester was really bittersweet.  I was excited to see everyone back home, but reluctant to leave the people I had spent the last year with.

So I've been home for about a week and a half now! Been spending my time with friends and family, applying to internships, and watching movies.  A Walk to Remember was classic, and I really enjoyed the surreal-realness of it (if that makes any sense).  Love Actually was hilarious (man, that British humor) and left me feeling warm, albeit a little confused with the loose ends.  Magic Mike was pretty bad, not gonna lie. I don't understand how it scored a 80% on rotten tomatoes when the only thing it had going was Channing Tatum's naked body....hmm but maybe that's a good enough reason. Haha, anyway, onto the pictures!
Umbrella project - walking around in that huge colorful crowd was so surreal, it made me feel like Martin and Dory in the field of jellyfish....yes i just made a Finding Nemo reference....
Final Review and my 6x6 moving cube! Spent most of finals week slaving away in the woodshop on that beautiful creation. My baby :'D Anyway, the review went really well! Reviewers loved it and my professor got some professional photographer to take pics of it :) I actually got kind of emotional cleaning up my studio space which just goes to show my love-hate relationship with that place.
Our wonderful wonderful room Cleaning and packing it all up was definitely a challenge lol.  I got pretty nostalgic - I might even miss living in that mess...maybe.
Home! Spending some quality time with family, friends, and my pet giraffe. Atttteempting to eat more healthy so I've been doing some gourmet home cooking. Reckon I'm qualified to start my own restaurant actually.
My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary! (with my sister ever so happily looking on) Also headed down to the shore and experienced my first orange&creme soft serve as well as some intense sunburn that spans my whole backside (yes, I fell asleep on my stomach). In other news, my parents sold my car :'(  I'm really going to miss that squeaky wheel and terribad acceleration ♥ 

These next few days I'm going to try spending some time on art! Finally. My hands have been itching to create something for ages. We will see how that goes :) But for now, gooooood night!


  1. oh noooo i remember you sold your car :(....



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