Sunday, December 1, 2013


Currently sitting on the couch wrapped up in a warm blanket while watching pokemon with my sister.  It feels so good to be home! When I got home on wednesday, I gotta admit I spent a while just sitting in my room looking around and taking it all in. Showering in my shower, sleeping in my bed, and eating my mom's cooking - it feels like it's been forever even though it's been only 3 months!
Minion snapchat, welcome home roses & tea! - rainbow unicorn craft-time with kaykay, early premier of CATCHING FIRE which was absolutely fantastic. Might've made me into a bit of a peeta fan-girl, ATS care package from Minerva! - lunch with Jenn at Flour, packet of milk tea mmmm, sitting on the train home while eating my first falafel! When my bus got to new york, I had an hour before I had to catch a train, so I went outside of the station and ventured to one of those middle eastern food carts.  The guy in front of me asked if I had change for a 20- which caused me to realize I didn't even have enough cash for a meal. He was surprised I didn't know they only dealt in cash, but instead of letting me go find food somewhere else, he insisted to pay for my falafel wrap! To top it off, the vendor didn't know the other guy gave me money and offered to make my food for free. It sounds cheesy, but I was so overcome by their kindness.
I didn't know NYC people could be so nice :) 
Pesto/mozzarella/pepper/spinach salad from Flour, quality pre-catching fire snacks provided by the one and only Micky D's, grilled chicken pesto panini from late night cafe (with a guest appearance by fanta), FALAFEL, salad and quesadillas from dining 
Celebrating Eunice's 20th! Holy crap I'm gonna be 20 in only a few months. Casino night at ADP - We didn't play casino games but I did make $9 playing pool….;) on the T with Eunice en route to Catching Fire! Gorgeous yogurt cake that honestly just tasted like cheesecake. Minerva's extremely malleable face.
HOME. Spent a good hour playing that game but still couldn't win :( also went to annual Thanksgiving football game!  I'm sad to say that the marching band this year was actually kind of weak, but it was still nice to see some familiar faces. I can't believe that my old little freshmen bass drummers are graduating this year! They grow up so fast :') lol. 
First lunch home! Tofu wanzi and baked yams :) Awesome (asian) thanksgiving feast at a family friend's house. Eunice's fruit tart, and some ballin' margarita pizza at Bertucci's after missing my bus home and waiting for the next. 

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