Friday, January 24, 2014

Standing on Stars

Wowowow it's been so long I'm not even going to bother trying to write about everything. Skipping straight to the pics ----
End of semester rush- late night take out, Logs concert(!!), cold weather with Daaabbbinn, practicing for coffeehouse performance, my Japanese class <3 , Weiwei stuck on a tree, awesome CD christmas tree,  preparing for that all nighter :'), kresge in snow!
ADT showcase! 
Final studio models :) Got to laser cut these from chipboard! Not going to bother writing about it here, but if you're curious, you can read about it in my portfolio!
Final project for my computing design class! Made detachable roller-skates. Rhino file --> milled from foam --> mold out of rubber --> cast in plastic. It took foreveeerr, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - Especially since my sister had a lot of fun with them ^^
Family time over Christmas break <3 Went to see Frozen which was AWESOME (also, I got in with children's admission. Do I actually look younger than 12??) Went to see Big Apple Circus in NYC! I had fun at my first circus lol. Hot pot, candles, and coffee with mom!
New Years trip to LAKE PLACID! It was unbelievably cold, holy balls. As soon as you walked outside, your nostrils would freeze = pretty bad feeling- but I had a blast on the trip! We ice skated, snowboarded (or at least tried to lol), and went snow tubing! The winter Olympics were held at Lake Placid a while ago, so we got to see the Olympic speed ski slope and stand on the podium! Also the view was absolutely gorgeous.
Did I mention that we got to stay at Nolan's aunt's condo? It was super homey and warm, and we all cooked together and played board games, drank hot chocolate, and ate fudge in front of the fireplace. Ahhhh so nice~
Of course this post wouldn't be complete without a food pic. Spoiler, there's another one right after this one lol. Vegetable tofu omelette, first IHOP experience (it was really good), qdoba, some weird-ass eggplant thing that tasted ehhh but was pretty photogenic nonetheless, DIMSUM (A new place opened in town!), HOTPOT, Thai curry, chipotle chicken sandwich, tomato sausage stuff and veggie stir fry by chef Thomas and chef Nolan. 
HA. more food. Deliciously delicious ravioli and Bruschetta from some fancy Italian place we went to for Jenn's birthday, fried rice & tomato and egg soup, obligatory asian food, and Fire & Ice! 
Back at school! Fun times with friends/ eating out/ eating in/ eating sweet potatoes/ cuddling with Minerva's new boyfriend body pillow lmao.
Jenn's Birthday! Went out for Italian at Harvard Square and yes they posed with trash/recycling bins...
Found this awesome dead carnation in a bottle...check out that mold....standing on top of stars (it was actually a Holocaust monument), dinner with Matt at the North End (yay get to check that off the list!), went bowling with strangers and made some new friends - then grabbed gigantic froyos which were delicious, but I was close to puking by the end. Chinatown dim sum selfies, THE DOOR WAS OPEN, photobombing a snapchat, and hipster reflection selfies in the tunnels.
Damn I can't believe I put that off for so long, and honestly a lot more has happened since I made these collages haha....will blog very soon hopefully! Also, it's 5 am and I'm not even remotely tired right now.  My sleep schedule is so screwed up, especially since I slept from 12 - 7:30 pm today. Literally nocturnal. Anyway, at least I will attempt to sleep - Goooood night!

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  1. damn hat is some high level photo bomb hhehehe
    yay cafe 472 we should go i grave their froyoooo
    wow also this spanned a ridiculous amount of time
    ADT <3 your architecture projects are always cool! <3


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