Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pear Man

Whew what a weird week. The days all blurred together, mostly because my time perception got completely thrown off from sleeping at random intervals throughout the day, everyday. What is night? What is day? Who knows.  Last friday I slept from 8 am - 3 pm. Which surprisingly is pretty good in regards to the number of hours I got, but when I woke up at 3 and looked at the clock, I felt like a piece of shit. By the time I had finished showering and getting ready to go to a meeting, the sun had already set. Quite depressing really. But on the bright side (or dark side? ha. haha.) I got some pretty damn good free sushi at said meeting. Later that night I went with Skyler and Kevin to a pool bar which was pretty chill. We sat around joking around about we should play some random dudes for money….too bad none of us have the balls (or the skills) for that. After we got back I watched some quality Korra, and then read shitty vampire manga until 6 am…why. Why did I do that.  

This week is looking pretty bad work wise, but there's also a lot of things I'm looking forward to! Going to a premier of Catching Fire on thursday and a dance show/competition on Friday. Should be good. 

Also check out the joint [food blog] that I write with my friends. It was inactive for months, but Big Tom recently revived it, and now I get to blog about all my food twice lol. WOOOOOOO 

Random window view while studying. Cool bubble installation I stumbled upon. Pepero from Dabin on Pepero Day! FREE SUSHI. Trying to be G. Quite embarrassing. Playing pool on a Friday night.
My project from last week! We got to 3D print our models :) cute huh? Actually, this stupid little thing was the biggest pain in my ass for 3 days straight. Nothing was going right, and I was ready to hurl my laptop against a wall. But somehow it all worked out in the end. Thank god.
Tofu ramen and more eggplant from the food truck! A weird garlic/vegetable omelette with mango salsa which was pretty interesting to say the least. It almost tasted like throw up actually…but it was pretty enough to take a picture. Last but not least, a close up of dat free sushi. It was my first time trying eel, and I gotta say I enjoyed it immensely


  1. Fun!
    mind to follow each othr?
    pls let me know :)

  2. ahhhhh so cute! too bad leaf broke :( is it stil brokwn????


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