Sunday, February 2, 2014

Year of the Unicorn

Whoops, get ready for another picture-heavy post!  
So IAP (our winter session)  is officially over- it was actually quite busy between meeting new people, playing a lot of pool and badminton, eating out, going places, and occasionally attempting to work. I ended up dropping both Java and Python - which I sort of hate myself for giving up on, but felt a lot better when I didn't have to worry about it.  I also participated in a web programming competition with Minerva, Weiwei, and Kevin this past month. Also didn't try nearly hard enough, also sort of hate myself for that (wow, so much self hatred.) Weiwei basically ended up coding the majority of the website, and I felt prettttty guilty about that (sorry weiwei!!). But I'm also very impressed that he was able to do that on his own! He has some pretty amazing self-motivation.

Anyway, this past weekend I went home for Chinese New Year! I basically spent the last couple days stuffing my face with delicious food and reveling in the wonderful feeling of being home. (More details in next post when I upload pics to go along) I'm currently sitting in a bus bound for Boston - and looking forward to karaoke tonight! On to the pictures~ 
I call this the Ed Collage. "Why?" you ask? Because he is in every single damn picture. A couple weeks ago, Ed came up to Boston to visit! We ate lots of good food, played some pool (he won and I had to pay for his brunch T_T), and went to Jay Z's Magna Carter World Tour! I wasn't very familiar with his lyrics, but still had a blast. Near the end, he does this thing where he just walks around the stage and calls out random audience members. He told this one guy he liked his salmon shirt and khaki pants. lol. 
Young Forever! At first the whole stadium was dark, and then slowly it completely lit up with people's phone lights.  It was AMAZING.  From up on the balcony I felt like I was surrounded by stars. At the end, the music dropped out and the whole crowd sang together- also pretty amazing haha
Of course, here's the food post. Korean BBQ chicken and side dishes courtesy of a new friend (I beat her in pingpong so she bought me dinner lmao) Sushi buffet with ADT,  home-cooked goodness, cozy pizza lunch at Cosi (ha.), delicious sandwich from Cafe Luna (but I forget what was in it), came home one night to find a plate of spring rolls in my room! eggplant in chinatown, and Japanese curry with friends~
At an ATS food event! We had a contest to see who could make the best Dabin onigiri haha.  Jenn officially moved into my room and we decided to paint the walls this beautiful shade of blue! It makes me happy to stare at it sometimes lol. Watched my friends play couple badminton...cute. Also kevin doing a handstand on the pool table. Sometimes I just don't understand.
There was a disgusting amount of snacks and trash on that table, but it's kind of hard to see in the picture lol. The silk pavilion at the media lab, bubble tea in chinatown <3, the most delicious quesadillas I've ever consumed, LIFE, making rice balls, Ed's beautiful 3D masterpiece of a bear eating chicken, JAYZ, No Assing Through.
Surprise candy in my mailbox (thanks Sally ^^), learning how to body roll (?), Spent forever peeling those chestnuts, PF Chang's, Year of the Unicorn oh my god, table piled with deliciousness @_@, plate piled with deliciousness @_@, and some Pinkberry even though it was freezing outside.
In other news, today as I was packing to go back to school, my sister unearthed the key to my old diary! It has entries from 2001-2009...and I laughed my ass off reading it. I re-lived my first crush, my first sleepover, and many other memories I had all but forgotten about. It also made me feel mad old, especially since I'm turning 20 in less than 6 hours! Damn.

Anyway, my bus is about to arrive, better pack up and get ready! I'll post all about my birthday weekend in a few days :) 

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  1. oh snap i did not want to remember those chestnuts lol...
    also yay i like that picture of us ehehehhee
    i like he blue!
    also i think i should becmoe a variety show host the onigiri contest was a brilliant idea!


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