Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oberly Tight Obi

Yeessss, the weekend! ...has come and passed. And what a great weekend it was. Friday I came home from work and relaxed to the max by changing out of my drenched clothes into warm PJs (it was pouring animals outside) and starting the new season of So You Think You Can Dance while nibbling on some matcha cake. Truly glorious.

On Saturday morning I skyped with the ADT choreographers to discuss setlist, and with JennJenn for a bit too.  Then I rolled around on the tatami for a few hours being indecisive and building up enough activation energy. Finally at 6, I managed to leave my apartment for Shinjuku! Ate chashu ramen and hit up Kabukicho looking for billiards lol. What better way to spend a saturday night than by walking around in the red light district looking for pool? After wandering down some p sketchy parts (there are male escorts everywhere...), I finally managed to find the place. I settled down for some good ol' pool while sipping a grapefruit sour (I think it's just grapefruit vodka) The place had 27 tables (holy crap), a fancy interior complete with hot waiters in suits, and the #4 balls were pink! Somehow I just found that last one so fascinating, but looking back, it's not very interesting at all. This one guy playing at the table next to me looked over a few times, so eventually I asked him if he wanted to play a match, but he just got flustered and apologetically declined. Wtf man...maybe he was just super intimidated by my skills. Yeah that's definitely what it was.  :'D

This morning I skyped with my parents for a bit, and found out that they are entering a ballroom dancing competition! Go them!! I'm so excited for videos. In the afternoon I went to Aki-san's house (my Japanese Skype partner) to hang out.  Her mom made us super delicious snacks, and then I got to try on a kimono! The process is super complicated with several layers and different rules for putting them on. Then there's probably at least ten (tight) things that go around your waist (restricting your breathing capabilities) and a fancy knot to top it off.  I got to meet Aki-san's two friends, Yuka-san and O-san (who is Chinese) and after taking off the kimonos, we ate dinner (also prepared by her mom) and talked for several hours. I was really touched by their hospitality, and felt completely at ease by the end of the night. Then when we were walking back to the station, I got to see the Tokyo Tower all lit up! It was beautiful @_@

After enjoying a great weekend, I am ready to get back to work tomorrow!
Delicious jelly/redbean/vanilla and green tea ice cream/mochi snack! Indian chicken curry with my project team, celebratory last work day of the week dinner at a cute cafe, raaammeennnnn, pathetic dinner of McDonalds and $1 peach sake (which wasn't actually that great), and a nice traditional tempura lunch with the whole office! 
Kabukicho invaded by a sea of umbrellas, half of the billiards tables (they also have a row of darts and simulation golf..), and the Tokyo Tower all lit up! Apparently it is not usually blue, but Aki-san said it might be because of the World Cup. 
Kimono picture spam :)

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  1. lol sonya playing pool by yourself.... also hehehe kimonos very cute! they dont looks super complex from far away but they must be o_O


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