Monday, June 30, 2014

Gaming Debut

Oh man, weekends here pass by so quickly! Friday after work, I headed over to Roppongi to chill and drink with friends.  Although I was seriously considering going home and going to sleep, I ended up going to a club called Feria with them and staying until the first train at 5:20am. I was happy to be in a place with deafening music and pulsing lights, but was also thoroughly disgusted by the sheer amount of middle-aged male creepers looking for young female prey. I was also very disappointed by the quality of dancing, which makes me sound like a pompous ass, but hot girls in tight dresses bouncing up and down like oompa-loompas is just depressing. I've been told that dancing in Japanese clubs is often a little more on the non-existent side, but the dance culture here is also supposed to be prominent? How does that work someone please explain. Anyway, I got quite drunk fairly quickly and spent the night happily, not giving many shits about anything. The night ended not so great though, as one of my friends got into some trouble with an aggressive guy who was forcing himself on her, and a bouncer that kicked them out, shouted at them, and slapped the guy several times across the face. The only good part of the story was when she, being the nice person she is, actually tried to help out the guy, claiming that he wasn't just a random guy, but actually "her boyfriend since yesterday". LOL. What a good person, but that jackass didn't deserve her kindness. The bouncer also tried to take her pants off while shouting at her....there is no way we are going back to that shit hole.  

On Saturday I woke up late and after doing nothing for a long time, met up with my friend in Shibuya for some ramen, arcade games, and karaoke.  A very chill and relaxing Saturday for sure. At the arcade we played some DBZ and a lot of otoge (music based games, short for "ongaku gemu") which were awesome- they have so many different kinds! We also played this thing called Dance Evolution - which is basically like Dance Central, but the moves barely repeat.  Most people who play have the dances somewhat memorized before playing in front of people....We didn't. Jesse and I picked two random songs (one girl-dance and one guy-dance) and threw our bodies around in a fruitless attempt to match the dancers on screen. Thank god I couldn't watch myself. By the end, some people had gathered around us watching, and one guy clapped and gave us thumbs up lmao...people are too kind here haha. Karaoke was interesting, we went to a sketchy place with attendants that looked like they hated their job, and we attempted to sing many songs in Japanese. Emphasis on attempted. Then I Skyped with Randi, Weiwei, and Eunice for a while when I got back! It was so nice to see them and talk about stupid things together :) 

Sunday I woke up for a Skype call with my family! My mom kept reminding me every few minutes to get more sleep though >_> which means I probably shouldn't be blogging this right now at 2am...later that day I met up with Kristin and Jesse for a super late lunch (hello 4pm) and some light window shopping. When Kristin left to meet up with her host family, Jesse and I naturally ventured into an arcade again and gamed for a while.  Then we found a billiards place and played for an hour, which felt great! I haven't played in so long...but the concept of actually paying money to play is difficult for me to understand after being spoiled by the abundance of pool tables at school. Either way, I'll probably still play a lot this summer even if it robs me T_T. Guess what we did after pool? MORE ARCADE AW YEEEE. This time for some good ol' DDR (where I learned that I didn't actually have to return to the center position after each note...good to know) For dinner Jesse got katsudon and I got spicy gyudon stuff, which I was pleasantly surprised to find was actually a bit spicy. Spicy food is quite hard to find in Japan. During dinner I also managed to pour a bowl of miso soup over my already water damaged phone, but that wonderfully tenacious device survived <3 We also got punch cards....only 9 more meals there until we get one for free! 

I decided that I need to change my shitty lifestyle, so today was Day 1 of new-Sonya. Aka an independent woman, leading a healthy existence as she lives life to the fullest! I supposed today's attempt wasn't too bad. I woke up early for a short morning run.  What was supposed to be a relaxing 2km jog turned into a frantic 6km run when I got completely lost and ran for a long time in the wrong direction. Long story short, I was late for work, felt nauseous all day, and ended up legitimately falling asleep for 15 minutes during work.  My legs are even sore already. Why is being healthy so hard??

Speaking of my legs (good transition, I know), tomorrow Kristin and I are going to a dance workshop being taught by...S**t Kingz!!!! O__O. It's going to be way hard, but I almost don't even care. I'm just so excited to see them in person and be able to take their class!! WAHWAHWAH. Yes, I'm a fangirl. 

I call this collage, "Parallels". Why, you ask? JUST LOOK AT IT. Bottom two on the left are pricelessly similar, and the middle two aren't too far apart either. The one in the middle bottom is my co-worker who I had lunch with today. Communication was interesting. He speaks Chinese and Japanese fluently and some English. I speak English fluently and some Chinese and Japanese lol. Right pic is a facade of a ramen place that I thought looked p sick. Also it's the only picture that fit that long shape lol. 
A building I thought looked awesome...but doesn't look so awesome in this picture. // Path I ran on this morning during my 6km adventure. // A cat pawing at internet cables(?) // Takoyaki! I went with Cat downstairs for dinner to this little bar right underneath our apartment. Seemed like a super chill place...we are determined to friend the owners! Today we awkwardly didn't talk to them much but sat at the counter. fail. // Middle is the Roppongi friday crew going konbini hopping // POOOOOL. // Really boss MaiMai players who kept scoring above // Spicy gyudon and the soup that was almost the death of my phone. // Jesse playing Sound Vortex! 

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  1. eeeeeh sonya shorter posts heheheh i already heard about most of this stuff but awwww poor friend yay dance and games and health!


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