Monday, August 25, 2014


Last weekend I went to Tane, a small village in Shiga prefecture, and participated in a bunch of workshops that aimed at revitalizing the community there. College students from many places in Japan gathered at the village and together we designed an iconic bento of Tane, made scarecrows with local children, created play spaces, and tackled issues of animal crop damage. I also participated in a workshop with Keio University students where we paired together with local high school students to design and build easily assemble-able furniture! I forgot to take pictures, but in a few hours we designed, cut, and constructed a chair! That night we had an outdoor barbecue party where I got to talk with my cool coworker and her very attractive friend. I also got stuck talking to my boss at one point, and it definitely made me like him a lot better than before, maybe because it wasn't in a business setting. Then I milled around talking to people here and there while devouring three strawberry shaved ices...

Afterwards I watched 4 hours of TV with my host sister, Haruka-san, while talking about random things (mostly boys lol). I really liked her! She was honest and goofy, and I appreciated her laid back personality. I also really enjoy Japanese commercials, and it amused my host family when I kept chuckling to myself during commercial breaks like an idiot. #foreigner 
At this balln' restaurant in Meguro where I had super delicious curry with Jason and Kristin before going to Tane. Kristin at Ebisu Matsuri right before catching my bus to Fukui lol. Coworkers at lunch smiling for once in a picture because he was trying to mess up my food picture. Food at Tsukiji Matsuri with Korean Sam. Beautiful decorations in Shibuya! 
Liu in the middle looking DAF at lunch. Surrounded by many delicious foods that I'm too lazy to talk about.
Remen (cold ramen) at Fukui! Chicken at Liu's farewell party. Best chicken ever at a place we frequent for lunch in Daikanyama. Tsukemen in Ebisu the night I almost got stood up twice .__. Rockin' vegetable sandwich from this hip new sandwich place! Too bad it took them an hour to make it....Curry at Tane! Green curry from Unice. More curry from the wonderful-interiorally-decorated restaurant in Meguro (Those carrots and potatoes were so soft @__@) and last but certainly not least, AFURI TSUKEMEN from a delicious godsend ramen joint near ebisu station. 
In beautiful Tane! Riding in the back of a truck past fields and fields of rice paddies with a bunch of people who I don't even know the names of. Plopping down our adorable scarecrow. With Hikari-san and Scarecrow-chan! Selfies with Mariko-san (my coworker). Host family's house. Delicious first dinner at Tane! Haruka has a younger brother and twin younger sisters! They were such a lively bunch haha
Top half- fireworks in Yokohama with new and old friends! The guy all the way on the left introduced himself as Mr. Muscle...I wonder if he actually goes by that. But either way, he is super dedicated to his muscles and it shows.  The fireworks were beautiful! There were some pretty cool ones I hadn't seen before, and the show went on for over an hour. Also there were thousands upon thousands of people! The sea of humans was crazy @_@ 
At a hipster little restaurant near work- creamy cheesy orange sauce with bits of ham topped with super soft pumpkin and oranges.  Sounds sort of strange, but they were owning that combo @__@ Probably my favorite of the lot. Also the little salad on the bottom middle was really good! I had it in fukui and the ingredients were super fresh and included sweet yellow kiwis!
Over a month ago now, we spent the weekend at Kichijoji and Shimokitazawa! Pretty boats and sexy stuffed bears at Kichijoji where we enjoyed the Boho shopping scene and the park.  Color-coded boy group performing on the street. Thrifting at Shimokitazawa! The whole place has a nice relaxed atmosphere and if I were to sum it up in one stereotype, it'd be hipster.
Check out that parallel mealage at the bottom. I had Omu-rice two nights in a row, followed by similar-looking desserts. Top was a place in Ikebukuro, and Bottom was at a cute place in Shimokitazawa... spoiler the bottom one wins @__@ Just look at that pan-fried french toast topped with ice cream, banana slices, almonds, chocolate, and powdered sugar. Oh man. 
Man I love the matsuri atmosphere. Beautiful lanterns, dancing people, street food, mixed with the sound of laughter, speech, and music is so wonderful ^^

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