Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh Deer

Damn it's been a while! It's been almost a month I think since I last posted... aka brace yourselves for the onslaught of overwhelming collaged content that's about to ensue.  Actually, four weeks ago I did start typing up a blog, so here it is:

"Last night Kristin and I went to En Dance Studio in Shibuya for a S**tkingz workshop! Lol I accidentally just typed worship...but honestly that would've worked just as well.  They're awesome on my computer screen, but damn , in person it's just mind blowing.  A lot of the other people in the class were also super boss, including apparently Rihanna's choreographer...???"

Apparently that's all I managed to type, but daaamnnnn re-living that moment right now. @__@ Since then, I've taken four more classes, taught by Noppo, Shoji, Tatsuya, and Saya! I actually just got back from my class with Saya and holy shit was it difficult. Her style is house, so a lot of weight shifting, light footwork, grooving, and loose limbs. I was so out of my comfort zone I almost cried, but by the end I was having a blast being awkward but not giving a fuck.  I'm really glad I ended up actually taking these classes! Just being around all of these extraordinary dancers makes me feel super inspired (and admittedly, disgustingly fangirl-ish). It's also been a lot of fun so far and I feel like I'm constantly learning new things!  Now I just need to somehow make my body better at moving....
Food and good company! I had my first real "bad day at work" so me and cat grabbed some delicious food and drink at the yakitori place across the street to de-stress. #workinglife
Kyoto!! Haha I wasn't lying when I said a lot has happened. Beautiful shrines and temples everywhere: Kinkakuji, Kyomizudera, and Fushimi Inari!
Selfies at Kyomizudera with the twins and our nice volunteer ushers. Food, drinks, and the softest mochi in the history of the world. We got to watch as three men pounded the shit out of some glutinous-rice as they made the mochi. It was really entertaining because they worked super quickly, kneading, tossing, and pounding the mixture while rhythmically shouting so no one would lose a hand underneath the hammer. 
Nara! The grounds surrounding Toudaiji are filled with deer who ignore you if you don't have food, and practically maul you if you do. Also there's a picture of the intense mochi-making!
Our wonderful wonderful Sunday trip to Hakone! It was pouring and windy and freezing...but I enjoyed the trip immensely! We grabbed some delicious curry for lunch and were on our way up into the mountains! Wow I forgot to actually include a pic of the mountains, but they were beautiful, take my word for it. We went up by cable car, and at one point you kind of suddenly break out into this clearing where you can see all the onsen water being transported, and the rocks covered in sulfur.  We ohh-ed and ahh-ed like the tourists we are. We grabbed snacks (dorayaki with ice cream!) and froze our asses off eating them outside, half getting rained on. Eventually we climbed the path to the black egg stand, (there is a picture of the path included) and bought our black eggs. They're hardboiled in the onsen water, and the chemical reaction with the sulfur gives it its dark color! There's also some bullshit that if you eat one you will live 7 years i ate one just in case hahaha. By the time we made a loop around the mountain and went back down, we were soggy and gross aka perfect time springs! 
Disgusting, sweaty, and fan-girling hard after our workshop with the s**tkingz! Friends, co-workers, food, and drink ^^
Karaage and adorable rice mounds at a hawaiian cafe, tofu salad at a restaurant near our station,  in-between-fried-and-grilled chicken strips near work, I don't even remember eating that ramen but i'm sure it was good, co-workers beautiful curry, my beautiful pad thai, freshness burger & mango smoothie (!!), delicious egg+fish over rice, Ichiran ramen!! (everyone is served in their own personal stall so you really focus on the ramen lol) @_@
And the food continues: Ballin' tsukemen near work (I didn't know the regular dish already came with pork so I ordered a bunch of extra by accident....shit) No recollection of salad happening, Curry dinner with friends in Shibuya, MATCHA ICE CREAM, pork katsu (at the same place as the fried/grilled chicken, takoyaki at coins bar (where everything on the menu is 300 yen....) Eating katsudon with Ryu-san....but it was too fatty and chewy ^^;, Ice cream + mochi + green tea + red bean = @______@ Amazing yasai katsu set at Kichijijo: a place known for its young hipster crowd. After that delicious katsu meal, I was spacey for the rest of the day

Small lake by the temples of Kichijoji, according to Cat, the most feminine groceries ever, post karaoke elevator selfie. boats at Kichijijo, Roommates! Dr. Dre and four Quick Fucks (I made Jesse order so we don't have to say it) Lunch with my Chinese co-worker who doesn't know how to smile for a picture.

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