Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Golden Boston

Only two more weeks until my junior year comes to an end....where did all that time go? Another semester has flown by, bringing with it good times and bad, rest and stress, and a lot of dance. I feel like I've been generally happier lately, but also slightly neurotic. It's a pretty weird combination.  Relationship problems and worrying about my future are slowly eating away at me, but I'm simultaneously (and strangely) optimistic and calm about everything (for the most part).  Again, a pretty weird combination. 

This past weekend marked the start of DT prod week! This semester Randi and I choreographed a dance together based on the Lion King. Hoho I'm so excited to see it on stage with costumes and lights! Our bbs have really come a long way over the course of the semester and have made me soso proud @__@. I've also realized this semester how much of an asian mom I am. I'm strict and cold but have so many feelings inside. Oh man. 

The weather lately has been so beautiful, but almost too hot. I'm so used to the cold now! (That sounds metaphoric lol)  It's funny that it's been so nice outside recently, just as we are all locking ourselves into libraries for the next two weeks. Good one environment, good one. 

That's all I'm going to post for now! Will post more in the coming days cuz I'm trying to get back into blogging (just realized that this is literally my first post of 2015. so sad). Enjoy the pictures :)

I thought I was being so funny with this collage because the columns are so similar. Har de har.
I had to. 
December fun times :) Half from end of the semester, other half from going home. My friends and family are so goofy hehe
Crazy holiday window displays in NYC when I went to hang with Weiwei over the break.  I was so in love with these, and I think the theme was "The Arts".  These two were Architecture and Painting.
Here are Theater and Music.
Michael and I built Minerva a bed! I was so proud of us lol. Really sick booth in Bryant Park that sold (overpriced) jewelry made from reclaimed vinyl records. So expensive, but I was obsessed with them. Little rug coasters at the Met store. Old photography exhibit at New York Public Library. Metal gloves on the escalators in Porter Square. Fancy dinner at ZBT cooked by John and Charles. 
Winter break family fun time! Making dumplings, ice skating, touristing in NYC, eating hotpot, and watching movies (Big Hero 6...it changed my life) And yes that's me holding my family in the palm of my hand. 
Delicious home cooking (moooooom <3) and delicious restaurant food. I love Chinese food.
Homemade guac and birthday flowers from parents. Eunice and Yuta being really cute. A picture I took during diffeq that I found to be practically genius: Reflection of the exit sign next to my notes? Real-life symbolism. Me and Randi during Mocha Show 2015: MoMA in our spongebob get-up. Baymax curry @__@. My two birthday cakes that were both very delicious. My first legal alcoholic drink in the states (it's umeshuu) pre-valentines dinner date pic. Lunch with the boys after ADT practice!
More glorious food - from restaurant week, random food adventures, and visiting home!
Went to a Japanese festival in Boston Commons and found the gorilla man from GoGoCurry. Hotpot with family :) After watching 50 Shades of Grey with EDSM lol. Family shenanigans. Won first place with Eunice for a film hackathon! And the giant picture is everyone in Mamma Mia and Boys Medley during an external performance ^^ 
Some art that I found very inspiring on a trip to the Met over spring break!
John frantically taking pictures because the sunset was doing amazing things.  Everything was gloomy and dark except for the banks of the river and the building that were lit up like gold. Most of the asian mocha crew after performing at Footwork. With Eric at Mistral (fancy french place) during Restaurant week. Chilling after an ADT external performance.  With the apartment girls + Yuta after Eunice cut off all of my hair and minerva painted all of our nails (including Yuta's lol)

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