Sunday, May 31, 2015

Colorful End

I'm currently vegetating at home on day 4 of wisdom-removal recovery aka the beginning of the cheek-deflation-period that commonly follows the chipmunk stage.  So far I haven't really done much at home, only slept, watched videos, and eaten at a pace slower than a sloth. It's a little frustrating to only drink smoothies and eat (drink?) soup all day, so I started eating solid food with my front teeth. It's painfully slow, but the flavor is so rewarding @__@ 

Of course this also means that Junior year is over. (err mostly at least. I still have an overdue essay lol) The last three weeks were crazy hectic! First there was DT prod week which ended with FIVE shows (honestly why is there five.) Then ADT prod week with three shows. And finally Finals week. Somewhere in between all that, throw in two final projects, final papers, outings with friends, two tons of stress, and an apartment party (where the only casualty was one of our futon.) A colorful and exciting end to a colorful and exciting semester!

Now looking forward to an adventure-filled summer :) (which can begin as soon as I finish this essay...)
Hello Kitty curry that me and eunice made for randi! Breakfast for EDSM girls. Found these weird octopus-like balloons and decided to take them to our apartment. Yummy brunch topped with avocado. PINKBERRY. And selfies in the mirror above the carousal at the Boston Japan Festival! 

DT friends :) Sonya's first contemp experience. Dinner with Vic, Herman, and Randi at Thelonius. Custom shoes that I painted for Vic's dance's choreographer gift (we all signed a triangle!)
LIONKINGZ. Our first choreographed DT hiphop piece! It was awesome watching it on stage with the lights and everything (borderline magical, I mean come on, look at that first pic). There was just so much life to be had. We also got some pretty great feedback on it! Our dance got us Lion King sweaters :) Also check out those boss tanks - guess who designed them? :^) 
A wonderful 5th semester of ADT with old and new friends <3 I choreographed an all-guys piece this semester which was really frustrating, but in the end super rewarding (haha in the end, isn't everything always? #nostalgia) But man, I really can't believe I only have two semesters of ADT left @__@ where has the time gone?
With the boo :) ADT - ZBT semi - and our last day together before he had to fly home. We walked about 10 miles around Boston that day, just talking and casually shopping. It was a really relaxing day that we wrapped up with honey milk tea, Liar's Dice, and Smash. Lol how romantic <3 
Homemade french toast topped with fresh berries from the market (and a dash of aesthetic powdered sugar) by Nathaniel aka Nate made me brunch weeee~ Caught up with him and found out that he's biking from Boston to Los Angeles this summer! Also found out that he often makes fresh toast on saturdays, bikes to the bakery and market early in the morning, and plans to teach math and do some waiter-work in Cali. I am baffled why no one has made an indie film about him yet. Karaoke for Sally's 22nd! Had fun unwinding with ADT friends after a stressful finals week. Also the Collier memorial opened recently around the time of the 2 year anniversary of the Boston bombings. A beautiful memorial and space. Lastly, a "fossilized phone" that I found absolutely genius and humorously quirky. 

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