Monday, July 20, 2015

Smooth(ie) Wine

Oh man, another month has passed by again, and now we are more than half way done with July! Summer is moving way too fast for me to keep up with @__@ Ate food and hung out with a few different friends I haven't really seen in a while, did work, and danced ALOT.  A couple weekends ago, Minerva, Khanh, and I decided on a whim to make a kpop cover video for a contest! First place gets tickets to Koreaaaaa aaayyy. We decided on songs, made the music cut, learned all the dances, and filmed in three days. 18 songs in 7 minutes. @__@ It was ridiculously tiring, but also really fun! I definitely want to make more dance vids in the future wheeee

I'm currently in Chicago actually, but I'll save that for the next blog post. My backlog of collages are too intense and I think I'd cry if I actually tried to cover everything that's happened since the last time I blogged.  So I think I'll keep this post purely Boston :) Photos and captions legggooo
My beautiful attempt at making tamagoyaki @__@ Mine just tasted like normal egg, but it still looks so pretty~
Grabbing food with Nolan, Brian, and Matt when they came to visit! Ramen with the boss-man during a work day. Last row was from grabbing sushi and fried ice cream with Cecile at Fuji in Kendall!
The team hard at work. Lol jk we went bowling and then played pool. Beautiful view from the architecture meeting spaces that we highjacked as our temporary office. Cute cards that we passed out. And a green tea frappacino. 
Kayaking with the NP frans - really tiring even though I barely paddled lol.  Random food pictures from random food outings. Went on a girl date with Sophie for some quality ramen and ice cream :) the Just Baguette team!
Our colorful dinners <3 I really miss cooking and eating with them T__T
Cecile's mouthwatering pot stickers @__@ Botton left is homemade banana-based-blackberry ice cream a la Randi. Rest is from eating out with Randi and Khanh at Newberry!
YES BEAUTIFUL MEAT.  Had all-you-can-eat KBBQ with Randi and Khanh at Gyukaku to celebrate July 4th! 
Khanh being arguably more anal about item placement than I am while trying to take a picture of her tea. Beautiful rainbow ribbons woven along the sidewalk. Trying to bait some cute birds that were too smart for us. Last night in Boston before coming to Chicago! Cooked all my favorite things to eat and ate with my attractive friends. <3

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