Monday, June 22, 2015

Twin Yolks

Week two of work officially over.... it's kind of cool having such flexible hours, but at the same time it's pretty stressful since I always feel like there is work to be done. I kind of wish I had a job with concrete hours so when I'm not at "the office" I can just chill and not worry about whether my boss expects me to get things done before the next meeting or not.  For example, a few nights ago I practically pulled an all-nighter doing work.  Atleast I am enjoying it haha :')

So I actually typed up a huge thing, and then forgot to save the draft. I'm too lazy to type up the whole thing over again (trust me it wasn't exciting nor important. Just long.) so I'm just gonna go ahead and caption the photos hahaha
Last week our third roommate arrived (Khanh!) and we spent some time decorating our room. Randi got these cool mini LEDs from someone in ADT and we hung them on wire and put them inside of our aloe bottles. In between each bottom we put random little figurines and other objects. This picture doesn't do it justice, but the green hazy glow and items make it look like some hipster art museum haha
We strung the other LEDs across our window! They look like they are floating
We got cute matching cat bowls for the apartment! A close up of our beautiful hanging lights. A burger I snagged from a private event and sort of got in trouble for. Matt taking a pic of his first-ever ramen (!!!) Making lunch for my adorable roomies huehue
My beautiful breakfasts
Met the team that I'm working with for the first time! The boss-man (lol he hates it when I call him that) took us out for Shabu-shabu~ It was delicious holy moly. I ate everything (while the rest of my team watched) and regretted it after I stood up. Everyone else was smart and just stopped eating when they got too full. oh well, #yolo.
Of course more pictures of food. We recently inherited a blender and some wine glasses from Nate so we've been making some baller smoothies. Check those outttttt. Also do you see those two yolks at the bottom? They came from the SAME EGG. @__@ Craziness. My dad said that means we are now very lucky.
I call this one "Friends&Food". I really quite enjoy making dinner and eating together with everyone!
A cool display I came across in the Media Lab- I think it's about assigning form to different emotions. Lol my favorite is intentful pursuit. No idea how they decided on these shapes, but it looks pretty sick nevertheless 

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