Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have nothing to say

haha i really don't.
i mainly just don't feel like doing math, and also mara told me i should blog.
speaking of mara, she and my other friend, nicole, made blogs recently! (they were inspired by a very good role model).

The past week was pretty shitty in general, but at the same time kind of amazing?  I was just happy to finally be out of my house, even if it meant going to school.  Back to school also meant back to ridiculous amounts of hw.  Which meant staying up every night and getting 3 hours of sleep. Fantastic. I wrote my whole thesis that was due on wednesday, tuesday night. We've known about this paper for at least a month haha.  In the end i ended up citing whole paragraphs from the book and managed to make it long enough. (did i mention that i never actually read the book?) Got a 98 on it, nbd. :) mainly because my teacher is a super easy grader, but i just pretend it's because of my fantastic writing skills.

Something good that happened this week was that Mr. V decided that he's going to enter one of my past homeworks into some congressional art show.  I doubt i stand a chance of placing, but my picture looks cool with a big frame around it ^_^ On the downside, that class actually sucks lol.  Everyday i just go and pretend i'm getting stuff done while trying not to fall asleep.  Oh wait, it's pretty hard to fall asleep because mr. v blasts really weird music and noel and alex are always shouting about getting high.  And emily likes to tell the world about her weird sex adventures. Lol if any of them ever magically find this blog, i'm screwed.

Thursday mara and i went out for pizza after school (if you're reading this, we should do that more often!) My mom didn't find out (: so thank god. it was nice actually doing something for once.  What's going to be even better is when ap tests are FINALLY over.  Only two more weeks to go until freedom! and then.....disney marathon sleepover :) how ready for this are you guys !?

So last night, i stayed up until 6 am talking with chris (kemps guy).  We talked about so many things it was ridiculous haha, but i thought it was worth the tiredness because i learned alot of new things about him.  Also i managed to read two whole chapters of amsco during our talk lol.

Ahhh so many things i can't write on my blog now

Anyway, i'll end this entry here, it was pretty long and pointless haha



  1. sonya we should! And guess what I actually kinda get physics now! We did a lab today and I was able to piece things together! and heck yes I'm ready for disney marathon! Pick a date and I'll ask the 'rents. L <3 V E Y O U!!!

  2. Disney Marathon!!! <3 Can't wait!! It's going to be sooo awesome!

  3. wow your study habits are still exactly the same ahahahhahahaa



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