Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should i blog because my stalker demands it?

Apparently the answer is yes. :)
I hope you're satisfied to be reading about nothing lol.

5 APs and 2 SATIIs down...0 to go ! HA. Take that collegeboard.

So at the moment i'm eating extra crunchy peanut butter and thinking of what to actually write, because my life is mainly uneventful.  How sad.

... i just folded laundry, cleaned my room, and came back. And i still don't have anything to say. Don't you regret nagging me to post? :)

lol and i just went back to my room and cleaned some more.  It's so neat that it's actually kind of borderline creepy.

And i just had dinner. It's actually been 4 hours since i started this post, and i still haven't gotten anywhere.

Okay, so i guess i should talk about my 2 weeks since my last post.  I studied. It sucked. I took tests. They sucked.  That's pretty much it.

On the brightside, it's finally Freedom Week which is kind of a misnomer, because i still have alot of homework to start/finish for my tutor in two days.  Okay, that wasn't exactly a brightside :\  I'm starting to think that i suck at happy upbeat posts.  Anyway, today i went out to lunch with nicole and dan (for open lunch) and we went to coppola's.  I got this giant sandwhich thing with red peppers, eggplant, mozzarella, and spinach in it.  It was amazing, but then we were almost last, so we had to run back to the school.  It was probably the most excercise i've done in a long time lol, and i was dying. I need to start working out. So good story, right?

Haha, moving on, on saturday mara and courtney came over to work on a japanese video project about the three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle.  The vid turned out pretty good in my opinion, there was a fantastic clip of this guy in another group who was dressed in this weird white plastic thing from head to toe, carrying a wand.  He was the recycling fairy. lol.

Also recently i discovered that taylor swift is kind of amazing :).  My friend was disillusioned by my lack of TS songs, and sent me 10 songs (which i'm actually listening to at the moment) I'm enchanted to listen to them (: ha, clever right?

There're some things to look forward to this week! SATS! lmao jk.  Friday i'm going out with a bunch of friends to some Indian place abby picked. And then...DISNEY SLEEPOVER.  It's the real deal, and it's here!

Anyway, i gotta go write an advice letter for any prospective apush students :) it's definitely gonna be filled with warnings haha

Maybe next time i'll blog about something actually interesting :)

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  1. you always blog about something interesting! also whats freedom week??
    hehe recently my parents got into taylor swift....


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