Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reality Check

So it's been over a week since i've gotten back from camp !  Which means i should probably talk about the people i've met and all the stuff i've done, right? Wrong.  Some local drama will be the topic for today.  I'll keep this entry short since i shouldn't really delve into detail about the stuff that's happened.  The biggest thing that's bothering me at the moment is openness.  How much we choose to reveal to our friends, and vice versa.  Shouldn't it be easier when all of the walls come down and we can get rid of our insecurities and suspicions?  Along the way we might get hurt, but in the end, i believe that it will be for the better, as long as people take responsibility for the repercussions of their actions.  But usually people can't do that, because it's far easier to put the blame on someone else, in order to protect yourself and escape unscathed.  And sometimes you feel so at ease that it makes you even more vulnerable after the layers have been shed. Haha i feel like i am talking like a philosopher, but that's basically what my situation feels like right now.  It seemed so easy and relaxing at the beginning to come clean about everything, but that's not how reality plays out.  In a perfect world we can all be ourselves and nothing more.  There are no nasty secrets or hurtful judgements to be made about the people who are closest to us.  But in real life these things do exist, and you have to be completely oblivious to think otherwise.  Maybe that's what i've been doing these past few days, and to be honest, i liked it a lot better than actually having to deal with the whole situation haha.  Ignorance is bliss isn't it ?  That was ridiculously cliche, but you get the point.  Except not really because this blog post has been the most vague and ambiguous thing i've ever written.  I hope your brain doesn't hurt from trying to make sense of this random gibberish. Anyway, continuing on.  After you do talk to these people about all the things you have all been locking away inside, it creates even more secrets.  Do i tell them to my other close friends?  Do i keep my mouth shut?  Is there a right thing to do or not?  Are both wrong?  Are you sick of all of these rhetorical questions? I'm not sure about the answer to any of them except the last, and that would be yes.  On that note, i'm going to sleep.  Art class in the morning! Yay, what's new.

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  1. girl getting deeper!
    sonya i have something to tell you..... its a secret



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