Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will You Love Me Tomorrow ?

Sundae with three cherries :)
Busy busy week!  At the moment I'm having a hard time remembering what I did this week, but I do remember that it was busy.  Lol hopefully I'll remember more as I type. Thank god I have these pictures to prompt me.  Anyway, on monday I think I went shopping for a little bit after school, then bought some Simply Orange and Simply Grapefruit (2 for $6!!).  After that I rushed home to change into my PJs for "Pajama Night" at Friendly's (no shame).  Mara and Nicole got there first, and I was late since I had to call the airlines and reserve my ticket to Japan.  They put me on hold for about an hour and I gave up, so I double-checked with Mara to make sure it really was PJ Night, hopped in my car, and sped to Friendly's.  Little did I know that she's a dirty rotten liar, and it wasn't freaking Pajama Night, but oh well, atleast I was comfortable while I ate my delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup (which Nicole hates). So there's this thing called grammar, and I'm not sure how to use it, because I think my last three sentences were all run-ons.  Anyway, the rest of my week comprised of vicious cramming for four tests (and possibly failing a few of them), lots of tutoring, indoor drumline, lots of pit orchestra practice, and minimal amounts of sleep. It was state testing week, so the seniors didn't have to go to school until 10.  Technically that meant I was supposed to get 3 extra hours of sleep, but I had to viciously cram so I woke up at the regular time and studied :'( my precious sleep.

We also squeezed in some shalom practices for our show on friday, which went pretty well (except for when I totally messed up -_-). Sadly half of our usual crowd couldn't make it, so the noise level was a little less than usual, but it was nice since it was CC's first shalom show !  Also I realized while on stage that Nicole knows more of the lyrics to our songs than I do hahaha, how sad is that? What a hardcore fan. It was the preliminary round for Battle of the Bands, and we made it, so our next show is gonna be in May ! And there is the slimmest of possibilities that I might sing something. I have a lot of practicing to do in the next two months then!  My goal is to become not-bad. Also before the show I ate some jalepeno pizza which was mad good but made me feel like puking lol. After that we congregated for the pre-show sermon-esque thing.  The pastor told us that our friends, family, and lovers might love us today, but when the question comes to "Will you love me tomorrow?", the best they can do is say "maybe".  According to him, the only one that will love us tomorrow is Jesus. Isn't that depressing? I really dread going to those meetings, because it gives me the creeps, or as Dan calls it, the "jeepers".  Anyway, after we performed, the rest of the Shalomies did some covers and mash-ups in the acoustic lounge downstairs. Thomas and Brian did a mash-up of Wonderwall by Oasis and Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day with Victor accompanying them on djembe.  It was amazing! I'm so proud of my fellow shalomies. Dan sang a Neil Young song, and Thomas sang Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz. Afterwards we went to the diner and I split a Happy Waitress (it's like grilled cheese except with fried tomatoes and bacon in it too). Lol two dinners in one night, no shame. 

Deliciouusssss spicy tuna sushi. Can't wait for sushi in Japan !
Woke up past 1 the next day lol. Then spent two hours slowly getting ready for a quick mall trip with Mara. We went to Teavana twice for tea "samples" aka we probably drank like $3 worth of tea each, but hey who's counting. That night was Isabelle's and Mariana's joint 18th, so I made some quality last minute cards, wrapped up some money, and arrived fashionably late (as always).  Sadly I ate before going, so I could only eat small amounts of the delicious food :( The party was mainly just drift around and talk to people, play foosball, play mario kart, or watch people play foosball and mario kart.  Me and nicole 2v2'd CC and Sarah and we kicked their asses in the first two games ( "You know, back in college they used to call me the foosball master. That's what my frat called me". ) ... but then they murdered us in the last two games ( "So like, they used to call me the foosball destroyed back in college." ) Hahaha we were so obnoxious and it was so intense.  I ended up pulling an arm muscle.  Lol, and today while running I super-pulled a leg muscle.  I don't think I was cut out for exercise of any sort, even foosball is too intense.  I guess I've really slacked off since my college days of being the foosball master.... Anyway, other stuff I did today was tutor (really, on a sunday?) and went out with my dad and kaykay for some Panera.  And then for dinner my mom really outdid herself holy crud did I overeat (...again.)  I'm still semi bloated and I finished eating over three hours ago! Jesus christ I need to control myself or else when prom weekend comes ' belly's gonna be really round.  Oho, I am so funny.  And that concludes yet another food-heavy, ridiculously long blog post.  But don't worry, my next one will probably be even longer! Lol. Musical production week and Japanese exchange coming up! Good night :)
Hot peppers, onions, garlic, and pork. Yumyum.
Quality last minute cards
A lab we did in Chem on tuesday. Lol I can't believe I took a picture.
Gigantic pencil sharpeners! 

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  1. yay pretty chem colors! also your band sounds like lots of fun hehe i wish i could hear it someday!


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