Monday, January 28, 2013

West to East to West

I can hardly believe it, but tomorrow is my last day in Yichang! This visit has really flown by. I'm excited to go home, but sad to leave this place. It's kind of funny, actually.  When I was a kid, going back to China really just meant suffering through a few plane rides, getting fat off good food, and spending way to much time on the computer. I mean, the plane rides do still suck, and I'm still packing on weight (freshman 15 is old news), but China has changed for me as I've gotten older. It really couldn't be any more obvious how much of an outsider I am here, but even so, I'm increasingly drawn to it. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if my parents had decided to stay here. I wonder how different I would be. Isn't it crazy how one decision can change everything? Haha well enough of my pointless musings, I'll let the pictures do the talking:
We each got our own personal hot pot! How sick is that? Also I taught kaykay chopsticks :) 1/14/2013
Raw deliciousness for the hot pots
Stray cat jumped into the 120 kw power supply for my aunt's apartment complex (got fried to a crisp) and caused the power to go out…. so she gutted her fish by candlelight. 

Feeding pigeons at the local kids park 1/15/2013

My aunt getting attacked
Hanging meat on the power lines…good idea.
Casually stalked little kids at the park by the river.  1/16/2013

There's a long narrow street right outside my aunt's where farmers and butchers come from all over. It's really a sight to see 1/17/2013
Paddle-boating around the park! Oh my god my thighs were screaming after that. 1/18/2013
Juice made from sugar cane; looks like sewage water but tastes fantastic
At the weekend festival! There was also a creepy old man who kept taking pictures of me and kaykay… 1/19/2013
Visited my dad's side again and sat next to this thing the whole time. Man their house is cold. 1/20/2013 
Found a store called "Candy Cat" that all things cat-themed. Wallets, bags, clothes, accessories, everything. 1/21/2013
Silly Kaykay 1/22/2013
Eating our favorite radish dumplings! Basically a big heap of spicy-radish-magic in a deep fried shell. So. Good. 1/23/2013 
Last day in Yichang! I'm going to miss them :( 1/24/2013
I'm definitely going to miss this :') 
Bustling night-markets in Yichang and Wuhan! I bought so much cheap crap 
At the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan! It's a famous place that has inspired many poets as they climbed up its steps, while looking out at the river and skyline. Saw a woman climbing up in 5 inch platform heels. I wonder if it inspired her to get new shoes. 1/25/2013
Hello Mr. Odd-eyed cat :)
Byebye China, I'll miss you! 1/26/2013


  1. beautiful pictures *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog,too. <3


    1. Thank you Thi Lan! I took a look at your blog, and absolutely love your sense of fashion :) very cool blog!

  2. I love these images! You've really captured the vibrant culture of China. <3 And oh my oh my, that hot pot looks amazing! Bet your palate was absolutely delighted. ;)

    Thank you for your super sweet comment! I adore your blog and am following you now! <3

    Hope you will come and pop by soon!

    <3 Mandy xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them :) And oh man am I going to miss all the deliciousness of China ^^;

      Also thanks so much for following! I am following yours as well :)

      Looking forward to your future posts!

  3. omg personal hotpot sounds delicious *_*
    lol the motherland has such badasses... gutting fish by candlelight and meat on cables
    also cat!!!!!! it's called heterochromia :D
    also my sister buys clothes from S-Deer xD


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