Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pumpkin Hands

Man, tonight I made a pumpkin dish for dinner and my hands still smell. Do you think it has anything to do with color? Because oranges are orange (duh) and you can never get their stench off no matter how much soap you use.  Okay, I'm just kidding, I hope you all know, I'm really not that stupid…

I guess I should backtrack a little. Made the trip back here by myself! 15 hours of airplane and 5 movies later, I was not a pretty sight. Especially since I bawled my face off during He's Just Not That Into You, Now is Good, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and Indecent Proposal, although I'm pretty sure two of them were supposed to be comedies… I also watched the Social Network which was just as good as I've heard. I did feel kind of bad for Mark Zuckerberg though since the movie made him look like a total ass. After sneaking through custom's with packaged meat in my suitcase (shhh…don't tell ;) ) I finallllly got to go eat some real food and go home! 

Also, I left Beijing at 5pm on Saturday; weather outside was 28°F. Thirteen hours later my plane landed at 5pm on Saturday; weather outside was also 28°F. Isn't that trippy? 

Being late for the movies lol…Dad running to get tickets for Skyfall. It was so nice to see bright blue skies again after a month of grey smog and hazy pollution!  1/27/2013
You see that eggplant dish? You see it??? Eryi taught me her secrets….. 
All the crap I got in China! It's a miracle that I was able to fit everything in my suitcase along with all the packaged meat my mom wanted me to bring home… Also I woke up at 6 pm today. Helllooo time difference. 1/28/2013

Porcelain cat bracelet from Eryi. Might be my favorite thing I got in China :)
Woke up at 6 am today wide awake…. Tossed in two loads of laundry, made pasta, poured  myself some green tea, and kicked back on the couch to vegetate to 4 hours of good ol' abc family. 1/29/2013


  1. whoa! you should write "all those pretty things you got from china!" haha! i love reading your blog! it's a change after reading tons and tons of fashion theme blog!

  2. wow look delicious and it makes me hungry :(

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    wait i havent seen a lot of those clothes??? like the hat and one of the plaid things and the dress and the skirt??? bring them to school D:


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