Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Whoops. It's almost been another two months... here are some random excerpts I started but never finished....

November 16 ----
Waaah it's been less than a week and I'm posting again! So this week was actually pretty eventful I think. Well, at least the weekend was. Wednesday and Thursday were spent p-setting and playing badminton. The week was kind of chill, so I even had time to go running twice. Jesus christ I am so out of shape, but determined to stop my freshman 15 in it's tracks! Anyway, on friday night we went to the z-center for a bit and played against some pretty boss people (I swear it sounds like we play badminton a lot more than we actually do.) Afterwards we were pretty freaking tired, but Maseeh was having a party so I dragged myself out of Simmons and walked with Weiwei there where we met Chan and his Korean friend who was visiting. The dance floor was dark with clumps of people just standing around. The only people who were dancing was a girl in the back facing a wall and a stripper on a table. I think it might've been a cross-dressing guy.  Right after him some girl got up and basically ripped off her bra, then danced around holding her boobs. That was our cue to leave. Before we made it out the door, some guy told us we should've been there for the professional stripper (because she was soooo good) which meant that the people currently stripping were students. Lmao, it was kind of hilarious since it was a dorm not a frat.

I love my mom's cooking 
November 25 ----
I'm currently stuck in some mad traffic on the way back to Cambridge, so I figured now's the perfect time to blog about my week off! Actually, it's because I already slept for almost four hours and can't sleep anymore haha. Anyway, Wednesday was technically the last day of classes, but i hopped on a bus as soon as classes were over on Tuesday. I thought I was going to miss my bus so I made Kevin and Chan semi-run with me to the station (whilst pulling my luggage for me).  In the end I made it no problem, and settled down for a long ride. Left Cambridge at 4 pm, and after some bus-train-car shenanigans, finally arrived home at around 1 am.  It felt so indescribably good to be home! Had the best sleep ever in my own bed, followed by the best shower ever.  Then I drove (I LOVE DRIVING) to pick up mara and go visit the high school!  Talked to a slew of teachers, including my old math teacher who told us she had to deactivate her Facebook because of some inappropriate pictures…whoops. Also tracked down Mr. V who was at the powderpuff football game and learned from him that my last creation in his class (the giant clay sculpture of birds nesting in my head) blew up into smithereens in the kiln. It was pretty distressing since I spent so much of my time on that, but at the same time oddly relieving since that meant that I didn't need to glaze it! My emotions were so conflicted. V saw it as some sort of metaphorical representation showing my cutting of ties with them. Anyway, we met up with Nicole too and went to grab some Coppola's pizza for lunch. MAN, they do pizza right in a big way. When I left for college I honestly didn't really think I'd be homesick in anyway, but I guess I didn't notice how much I missed it all until I finally got home. Anyway, we caught with each other's lives, but I had to send them home since I had a s&k scheduled with Emma! That stands for sit & knit by the way. Yes, we are young women and enjoy knitting.  I finally cast off the scarf that I started making in sophomore year. We calculated that to be one sixth of my life spent on knitting that scarf. How sad. Anyway, we talked, laughed, and swapped some good college stories. My mom's home-cooked dinner was absolutely delicious! Even though I'm currently experiencing the college 10, I still stuffed my face. I'll work it off later…At around 9, I hopped in my car and picked up Schendt, Nolan, Nicole and Matt for some RED MANGO. Spoiler alert, it was closed. My precious white peach would have to wait :( Instead, Nolan thought it'd be a great idea for us to go to the swamp. I thought it was an awful idea, but for some reason I ended up driving there anyway. Holy Jesus the road was narrow and deserted. Everyone kept saying that it was the kind of place where people get killed. Thanks a lot. Eventually Nolan got the message that I wanted to get out of there, so he directed me onto another road which was somehow sketchier than the last. He even admitted to me that sometimes he bikes along that road and thinks he's going to die. Great. We eventually ended up at the Diner, where I split a happy waitress and effectively ate my second dinner. Sarah showed up halfway through and afterwards we headed to Nolan's where we learned a new card game called Yuker.

Now ----
At coffeehouse!
Waaah it's almost the end of 2012! I've been mad busy/lazy the past month to even type anything, but to sum it all up, I basically went back to school after Thanksgiving break and sort of lazed my way through the final wave of tests. Punted a few p-sets, actually avoided the third bio test because of a weird fire alarm in my testing room, and soon it was time for finals. On the last day of classes, I performed with some friends at the AAA coffeehouse event which was pretty fun. The day before the show they emailed us saying they couldn't get a drum set, so we (practically) stole the one from Simmons and half carried half pushed it to the student center on a little red shopping cart. Kind of amusing looking back, but at the time it was not-so-enjoyable. In the past month I've also watched five movies. One was American Psycho which I watched over break at Gabe's house. Holy balls it was pretty messed up. Stupid psychological thrillers -_- The second was 200 Pounds Beauty, a Korean film, which I really enjoyed! I watched it with my roommate on her laptop during a random power outage. Then I watched three movies in a row with Chan on the days we had off to study for finals lol. Push was pretty cool, but it ended with a shitty cliffhanger and apparently the movie didn't do well enough in theaters to make a sequel. Fantastic. What did do well though was... Despicable Me! Such a cute, feel-good movie :) It really amazes me how people are able to animate and put together films like that - wouldn't that be such an awesome job? Anyway, the last movie we watched was Hello Ghost, another Korean film, and Chan had been nagging me to watch it with him for ages, so we did....and buckets of tears poured out of my eyes at the end. It was a really weird twist, not necessarily sad, but more of a sudden bittersweet realization. Chan said that only his parents and cousin have seen him cry before, but during the movie the couch started to shake, and I looked over and saw him with tears streaming down him face. Kevin fell asleep for a bit in the middle, and was really mad when he didn't cry at the end haha. Saturday night was supposed to be our S&M lounge secret santa (that stands for Sonya & Minerva by the way...what did you think!?) so we spent the day shopping (AKA not studying). I made Chan a card with minions on it since he loved those, burned him a CD, and bought two pairs of earrings. Apparently the ones I bought him were called princess huggie earrings...whoops. At midnight we all sat in a circle in the lounge, laughing and trading presents. The light hearted atmosphere made it finally feel like the holiday season! I got a batman calendar (stupid inside joke), some cherry blossom lotion, and chocolate from Serena. Chan told me it was probably the best Christmas present he's ever gotten, which kind of made my day haha.
Secret Santa in the lounge! 
Christmas Eve dinner cooked by yours truly :) 
My finals week was a disgrace to humanity. I probably studied more for high school midterms than I did for my first round of college finals. Actually, that's only partially true. I studied quite a lot for Japanese and chemistry (out of fear). But after three hours of chem on tuesday morning, I had absolutely no motivation to study for bio. So instead, I took a nap, ate two meals, and somehow it came to be 10pm. It was a pretty bad feeling when I realized that my final was in 11 hours and I hadn't even started studying yet lol. Somehow I pulled it off, and swore that I'd never do that to myself again....except that the same exact thing happened the next night right before the calc final lolol. Thank god for pass/no record this semester, I promise I'll be better come spring term :'D Anyway, right after the 18.02 final, I ate and packed like a madman for china. Soon I left Simmons behind and made it to South Station just in time for my bus. It actually felt a little weird to know I won't be back until February; I'm going to miss the place I've spent the last four months of my life at! Anyway, since I've been home, I've mostly been lazing around, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. I've been to a few Asian parties, ate a lot of good Chinese food, did a lot of shopping and caught up with a bunch of people. I also dragged Emma with me to guitar center a few days ago and bought myself a ukulele! Yayay it's so fun but singing along is kind of a challenge. I'm working on it though. The other night some people came over and we chilled while watching Mulan on VHS. It was actually kind of awesome how entertained some of them were by the movie.
Friends balancing cups on their....belts.
On saturday it snowed but my friends dragged me out to shop and we finally got brian new shoes! Yes! He's been wearing the same pair for ages. Yesterday my family dragged me out to do some more shopping, except this place was a far away outdoor mall, and I froze my ass off for 7 hours. On the bright side I bought a really (embarrassingly) cute suitcase and finally caved and got Uggs. Holy balls they are so goddamn warm. Props to the store for making us wait outside so by the time we finally made it in the store we were ready to blow our money on anything and everything that'd keep us warm haha. For dinner we went to this Asian buffet that we haven't been to in the longest time. It was so nostalgic eating all of the foods I used to love when I was a kid! Regrettably, I completely stuffed my face. Whoops. My goal is to lose the 10 pounds I gained at college before returning in February, and that probably didn't do me any favors haha. Buuuut I've actually managed to run three miles daily for the past week and hopefully I'll keep it up!

So I'm currently sitting at an Asian party finishing up this post. Sorry everything seems so choppy and random, my memory is jumping all over the place. Anyway, today is New Year's Eve! I can hardly believe the year is over, but it's definitely been a great one filled with good friends, both old and new. Should be heading over to Nolan's soon to rush in the new year with everyone, here's to another great year! :)


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