Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Boxes, Little Boxes

Here I am, sitting on my bed, contemplating on a scale of 1 to guilty how guilty I feel for not doing any work whatsoever. I'd have to go with guilty. But regardless, I'm going to blog anyway! (Would this be the right time to use #yolo??) First week of classes got cut short by the blizzard which was sort of a relief because I am far from getting into the swing of things. Have I always been this lazy? Last weekend me and Randi went to try out for Dance Troupe and both got in! I thought I was a goner for sure, but the gods were kind. Looking forward to my first rehearsal this weekend :) In other news, Chan asked me to his Theta Xi formal! It was pretty damn cute when he asked. Maybe I was right when I said I was a goner… 

Today I picked up my architecture kit from Blick's. Lugging it back to the dorm was a huge pain in the ass since the box was big enough for me to fit in, but it was worth it…oh my god I swear it's Christmas all over again. I actually had a blast opening it and taking out all the random tools…fancy pencils, pens, sketchbooks, drafting paper, knives, hot glue gun, non-stick scissors, wire, and even this weird thing called "self-healing mats" on which you can cut things but the cut disappears…how does that even work?? Hehe okay, time to do a little work at least…and I apologize for the somewhat boring pictures! This 365 business is a lot harder than I thought.

Got my desk in the architecture studio! I get to creep on people in the library… 2/6/2013
Walking back from E&M - Yes, I'm a sucker for pretty sunsets if you haven't noticed by now. 2/7/2013
Literally snowing sideways. Happy birthday to Kaykay who turned 5!!  2/8/2013
Sledding without a sled. 
Rainbow! Been playing a lot of pool lately, possibly to avoid doing work...
Spent the day lazily doing work and played in the snow! 2/9/2013
Pre-Dance-Troupe-auditions! Me and my roomie on a big-ass pile of snow.  2/10/2013
Post-Dance-Troupe-audition. Finally managed to fight through the trenches snowy field.
Bumming around on the hammock with Eunice, overlooking the street. I think we sat there for an hour doing nothing.
Actually did work. Minimal amounts, but still. Also, cup noodles eaten dry is absolutely fantastic.  2/11/2013
Mardi Gras themed dinner - how do people with glasses wear masks? 2/12/2013 


  1. love the second photo! the sky is so pretty, look at all those colours <3

  2. ooooh the blizzard ahahahahhaa
    also yay DT! ugh i remember we had to take a break in the middle of the field...


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