Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Wowowow what a busy weekend, I don't even know where to start! Actually I do. Okay, so the craziness started friday after classes ended at 5. We suited up for a fancy Valentine's dinner then decorated a pineapple to look like Spongebob…don't ask me why that was a thing, but it was (and we won hehe). After suffering through our first badminton training session, I dragged myself out of the dorm again to go with my friends to a party that was being thrown by the gay community. Stayed for a bit, witnessed some intense lusty action on the dance floor, and left. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early for dreeesss shooppiinngg.  I actually ended up getting two dresses before rushing back for Asian Dance Team tryouts! Right after that was a Chinese New Years feast at ADPhi, followed by M-night which is basically just a fancy drinking event. I barely had any before my face flushed all over. I've always fantasized that maybe I had some crazy good alcohol tolerance, but nope. That dream is now gone. One of my friends decided that he was going to get drunk for the first time, and almost succeeded. So props to him. On Sunday we got $50 to spend on recruiting people to our lounge, but instead we spent it on candy and goodies for ourselves. Lol. Then I rushed to my first Dance Troupe rehearsal where I shook my ass, popped my chest, and body-rolled for an hour. Okay, we did a lot of other stuff too, but I just wanted to highlight the moments where I failed. Went straight to art club afterwards where I half-assed some watercolor shit. But on the bright side, I think I made friends with this Korean guy who is also in my architecture class! 

After I got back, I took a shower and got ready for the Theta Xi formal. Chan showed up with a bouquet of flowers and a "happy late Valentines day". Holy crap. We arrived at the house which was all decked out with rose petals and candles everywhere. Chan immediately started introducing me to everyone, which resulted in not remembering anyone.  The people there all seemed really nice though, and it was pretty easy to make small talk. This one guy told me about how he was at this banquet last week and the dance crew that performed was taking members of the audience for lap dances. He really wanted a lap dance but they picked some other guy who wasn't even raising his hand. Lmao, I think I'll always remember him as lap-dance-guy. Anyway, the night was pretty enjoyable. We ate dinner with Chan's roommate and his girlfriend who are hilarious and adorable in that wifey-husband way.  We played several rounds of pool and then talked in his room for a while. We sort of lost track of time, but I managed to catch the last shuttle back to Cambridge…only to not be allowed on since it was full. Chan and his roommates all offered to let me crash for the night, which I eventually gratefully accepted, although awkwardly enough, I had just gotten my period that day. I kind of had to tell Chan so we could go out and buy tampons (7/11 has no pads wtf) which I ended up not being able to figure out anyway. OKAY, sorry, I won't go into any more details, but everything worked out in the end and I didn't bleed on his bed. (Side-note: their room was fantastically warm.) Walking back to Cambridge in the morning was actually slightly terrifying and painful since the wind on the bridge was so incredibly strong. At the same time, it was gorgeous with the snow (and mud slush) lined streets, frozen river, and bright weather. So yeah, I was pretty conflicted as to how I was supposed to feel. Rushed back to the dorm to get ready for….six hours of studio! Woohooo! It was even on President's day so all classes were technically canceled. But no, we had to be there. It was actually kind of enjoyable until around the five hour mark. AKA the mark at which time slows down ten fold. Seriously, it took ten hours for that last hour to pass. I timed it.  Anyway, after a quick dinner I sprinted to my first Asian Dance Team practice! Randi and I both got into our two top choices (lol kpop dances) so we were pretty damn excited to get started. Practice was really fun, and the people were so warm and friendly!  When I finally got back to the dorm, I was exhausted, but happy. Man, what a crazy weekend. 

Also I think I burnt my laundry by drying it for too long. Is that possible?

They are so beautiful.
And so it begins…my first architecture project! 2/13/2013
Happy V-day! :) Me and Eunice played some crazy badminton with grad architecture students from 9 to 11 - they forgot to turn off the drink machine in the dinning hall…yessss. 2/14/2013
Fancy dinner with fancy forks! Actually they're just normal forks.  2/15/2013
Our winning pineapple. Won $100 and a gigantic sack of red gummy bears!
Getting even more fancy at ADP! What I learned that night: I get Asian-glow in a big way.  2/16/2013
What you see as soon as you walk into Theta Xi…daaamnn.  2/17/2013
Walking back to Cambridge! The Charles is so beautiful in the winter, but the wind on the bridge is terrifying. 2/18/2013
Check out this innovative thinking - Lychee coconut jelly, not bad huh? Makes our room smell so damn good. 
Woohoo back to work :') 2/19/2013

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  1. heheheh cute memories! lol remember when bridge worked with us ahahhaha
    also lol i think i died a little that when you bought those tampons.... if you scroll through our history you can probs still see that convo...
    also beatuiful pineapple hehehehe also neither of us ever wore those dresses again....


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