Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags

Hmm…what time is it? 5:00 am? Nope. Well, that too I suppose, but it's reeeaally…time to bloooog. Excuse the lame intro, and lets get this going before I face-plant-pass-out on my laptop and fall behind on my 365 proj (which is much harder to keep up with than I thought!)

Watched two movies with my dad: The Switch with Jennifer Aniston, which was pretty hilarious. It's basically about how this guy accidentally hijacks his best friend's pregnancy…but dude, how do you accidentally do that?? We also watched Take Me Home which seems to be a somewhat obscure movie (woohoo Netflix) but was also very good, and quite funny. I think they might've gotten a little confused near the end of the movie because there was no easy way to cleanly resolve the conflict. She couldn't just leave her current husband for the new guy since he wasn't a bad guy, and still loved her.  So in the end, they decided to finish it up with a ambiguous scene where she walks towards the guy. I've also been browsing Netflix for some TV series…and am now completely hooked on Touch and Nikita. I've got 30 more episodes left in Nikita but classes start in two days….

Friday I went to visit Ed at NYU! Pretty eventful day. Had my first taste of Chik-Fil-A, and liked it. A lot. Saw Cole Sprouse at the park sporting a plaid jacket while puffing on a little pipe. Add in the ponytail and he looks like some sophisticated old-English guy. En route to the Museum of Sex we saw this man walking around with a makeshift portable desk. Got handed a little slip of paper with the words "Check us out on youtube #tableguy" Lmao how random is that? Ed also bought an absolutely hideous pimp-daddy-tiger-print shirt for $3, which he wore to a party that night. Oh god hahaha. Scrapped the museum idea when we saw that entrance tickets were expensive, and went… thrift shopping! I ended up buying an (ugly) retro purple 90's jacket for a buck while Ed got this weird yoga book. It had pictures of painted-naked people doing crazy yoga positions. Ideas for recreation I guess. Wrapped up a wonderful day with some dinner at a Chinese place with my dad before hopping on a train home. Thanks for a great day Ed!

Today, (technically yesterday) after some delicious Qdoba with my dad, I journeyed back to Boston! (and almost got on the bus bound for DC…) Definitely packed too much, and struggled to get my luggage to the dorm. I had to keep stopping to rest. Is that sad? By the time I got back, I was sweating even though it was freezing outside! Bumped into Weiwei and Kevin who were on their way to the Hack-a-thon. It was really nice to see everyone again! It felt pretty weird to not see these people for almost two months after living with them everyday for a semester.  Feels good to be back! :)

Sadly, this was the only picture I took that day…woke up at 5 pm and managed to miss both the appointment with the fire safety department (which my dad trusted me with) and 8 am gym registration (with a friend I'd promised to take pistol with). Felt kind of shitty about that, but cooked a bangin' dinner. 1/30/2013
Massively productive day: Woke up early, ran errands, ate some kick-ass broccoli pizza (with extra cheese of course), and came home to cook a nice last dinner before I head back to school, complete with hot peppers and fish, eggplant with pork, egg-drop soup with fish/veggies/and this weird chinese thing, and good ol' stir fried veggies.  1/31/2013
NYC with Ed! Took more pictures but can't fit them all haha…Also there was a plumbing problem at NYU so they had to shut off the water. Ed's roommate took a dump in their toilet but couldn't flush it. Oh lord. 2/1/2013
When we left this store, the owner was like "What. You're not getting anything?" What do you think dude? $40 tees?
Oh really?
Rice, chicken, queso, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and guacamole….OH YES.
Hehe hi dad. 2/2/2013
Very close contact…hello Mr. BMW.

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  1. lol you and your binging..... also i have yet to see this purple thing too! D:


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