Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gold Rain

Do you think it's normal for someone to take so many pictures? This is probably less than a 10th of the pictures I've taken over these past two weeks. It's such a pain in the ass to sort through them that I almost miss the days before I had a smart phone….but then again, what a horrifying thought. Anyway, enjoy the giant bulk of pictures. Naturally they are accompanied by short essay descriptions. 
Completed my very first commission! My commissioner was very happy with it = happy sonya. Damn what a huge milestone, I can barely contain my feelings. My dad pointed out that I probably got paid about $1 an hour for this thing but I don't even care >:D 
First two pics are from a two hour lunch break we took the other day lol. Felt pretty bad, but the food was so worth it. First Wendy's frosty! Second row is from my weekend boston trip. Mmm Wagamama's so goooood (asian fusion). Went halvsies with Nolan on King's sandwiches. $4 cheesesteak meal at this pool/arcade place. Freaking delicious burger - Our boss decided to take all the interns out to lunch! They bought us food, and then basically paid us for 2 hours of work to sit there and eat it. I'm sorry for all the times I've complained about my job xD
After a grueling bus ride (seriously HOW was there traffic at midnight on a THURSDAY??) finally arrived at Boston! Lol check out my very attractive friends. Also matt was very pleased with his newly purchased Gap pants. Not sure if you can tell or not. We grabbed lunch at Rebecca's Cafe, a place that he's been raving about since forever (a must-read) and gotta say I was extremely satisfied with the Bello Bello and my Honest Tea.  Honestly.
Four moments where an ungodly artsy urge took over my body and before I knew it, I had snapped these babies.  I call the first one, Bricks and Feet: The struggle between everyday existence. You can catch it at my next exhibit in downtown manhattan. Okay I don't know where I'm going with this, so I'll just stop. Took it while we were walking from the Prudential (after the gap pants). Second is taken at Boston Public Gardens (I think) Third is from underneath a cell tower.  We took a field trip there for work the other day, and holy jesus we were baking underneath that thing. Nevertheless, a pretty cool pic. Lastly we've got a small sample of the amazing fireworks I saw last week. We were so close, that when they exploded, it just filled up the whole sky. Literally gold raining down on us - prettttty amazing.
Woohooo the beginning of a three day birthday spectacular. Lol my roommate was finally turning 18! Did a shit ton of shopping, eating, sweating, pool, video games, (alotalotalot of walking) and some karaoke. Had a good time ^^ We also watched Wreck It Ralph at this amphitheater-type stage in Boston. (also in case you're wondering, most of that tip was paid in dollar-coins. We're not thhaat cheap)
Last day in the city! mmm bubble tea. mmm muscular-tanned-50-year-old man. What a boss drawing on the sidewalk and puffing on a cigarette. After eating at Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown, we did some sight seeing! Boston is so beautiful - it's kind of sad how we've never really explored the city we practically live in. Definitely something I'm going to make an effort to do this year!
Had some jam time with Shalom. Victor being classy, as usual. Went to an arcade/pool hall, ate our $4 cheesesteak meals, had a good time. Man I wish our town had a place like that. Actually I just wish I had friends with pool tables lol. Speaking of which, my friend asked me to be a rush girl for his frat, and at first I was a little iffy since I'm kind of awkward and not very outgoing at all, but then he mentioned that I could just play pool all day. Sold. Lol so easily bought. Maybe by the end of rush, I'll be a pool shark. Ha, here's to hoping.
Hmm…I'm supposed to wake up early to run and then go grocery shopping…. I don't think I believe in myself enough to make that happen. Hehe, we'll see. Gooooood night ^^


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