Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Sun Always Rises

Currently listening to my dad and sister argue in the back seat over whether she has ever pooped her pants. Lol. She's vehemently denying it while my dad's trying to convince her that she did when she was younger.  I realize this is a pretty weird way to start a new post, especially after not blogging for a month and a half. But I could honestly think of no better way. Anyway, I spent that non-blogging-time taking a shit-ton of pictures, so here they are in all their glory with outrageously long captions.
After a delicious (and geniusly constructed) breakfast (carrot and broccoli omelet) we headed to the Crayola Factory to celebrate father's day! I actually had a blast making markers/crayons/puzzles and coloring in coloring pages lol. Not sure who was having more fun, my sister or me hahaha
Moooorree family time….at Sesame Place! Fell in love with Cookie Monster. Is that weird?
I eat delicious food. :)
Recently got commissioned for the first time! Worked on it while marathoning Marvel movies. I think I watched Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2 & 3, The Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers over the span of two days lol. What has my life come to? Also I stumbled across an amazing portrait artist recently and was inspired to try my own. So I creeped through Facebook and ended up drawing courtney :)
MORE FOOD.  Fried rice and tea with Emma. Quality Five Guys with Nicole and Brian (he eats peanuts with the shell on) The rest is from family vacation to Williamsburg and Myrtle Beach :) 
Random pictures! Hit the beach and encountered the biggest pizza I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  Lunch break from work (that place is eating me alive). Watched Nic Cage simultaneously on three laptops, but the movie speed was slightly different on all three so we kept having to sync them up. Also my sister is a fairy princess. 
Busch Gardens and Water Country USA! Man I love culture-themed amusement parks (like Epcot). Also, I finally triumphed over my fear/inability to use tampons. You see that victorious smile on my face? Sorry if this is tmi, but hey, it was an important milestone in my life. 
Colonial Williamsburg! Watching the fifes and drums was pretty awesome. Also got to see all the trade shops like the weaver's, silversmith, seamstress, etc.  Best part might've been sitting next to a pile of horse poop in 90 degree heat while listening to a reenactment of the Declaration of Independence. Not.  
Myrtle Beach! Sand castles and sand-faces.  Catching fish with a dinky little net (I CAUGHT THREE!!) Watching Fireworks with the family. My first german dining experience. And a broken glass (lol i thought it was artsy) We also binged on Friends every night. Probably watched 20 episodes.  Don't even get me started on Spongebob. D: My sister is addicted to television.
Got dragged out of bed at 5:30  to watch the sunrise. Gotta admit, the suffering was definitely worth it. The sun reflecting off the clouds and water was absolutely breathtaking. Lol check me out raising the sun.
Exploring the boardwalk! Mega candy store… They had candy bras, handcuffs, and g-strings lol. Went to the "Gay Dolphin" and actually found my name on a little license plate! I was so blown away that I bought it immediately. Who knows what I'm gonna do with a little piece of plastic, but it was too rare of an opportunity to pass up. We also went to this really cute tiki bar and my mom got this amazing spicy schnitzel sandwich.
Last two days! Saw an amazing show at the Alabama Theater. It was one of those compilation shows that span over a bunch of different music and dance genres (mainly focusing on country and soul, but hey it's the south what do you expect) Also check out my parents lol. Best part is that I told them which holes to go to, without them knowing that they were gender-bending. My mom was horrified when she saw the pictures. We left early the next day during a torrential downpour. I guess Myrtle beach was sad to see us go :( We were sad too, so we ate away our feelings with some quality McDonalds. 
WOOO finally done. I will post soon about last weekend's adventures in Boston! But for now, bed time ^^ Hopefully 4 hours is enough to last me through work tomorrow. Lol who am I kidding. I'll probably face plant on my desk….again. -_-

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  1. lol sonya you're so funnnnnnnny <3
    your food looks delicious! also you guys went to so many theme parks hahahaha
    also you watched a bunch of marvel movies aka you cant watch them with me anymore @-@


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