Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Laundry Days and Quandary Days

Well, it's 6 am but for some nonsensical reason, I'm blogging anyway! Yeah that's dedication right? Aka I haven't blogged for a month now…

This past month has pretty much been a blur since it passed so quickly! It was really busy and quite stressful, but I think I managed to not let it get to me that much. Either that or maybe I've just stopped caring… lol jk, but in all seriousness it's a bit depressing how much this place beats you down. It makes you feel overwhelmed and incompetent, dumb even, when many of the people here are anything but. It instills self-doubt, self-loathing, and insecurity even in the people whom we think look so put together and in-control on the outside.  

On a brighter note, today I met with the program director for…MIT Japan! I'm applying for an architecture internship in Japan this summer which I really hope comes through! The guy I talked to reminded me a lot of my old high school Japanese teacher in the way he speaks, but perhaps mostly because they're both white dudes who love Japan. He randomly started talking about this industry in China called the "Gutter Oil" industry and showed me a [video] which made me think back on all the times I ate delicious fried street food in china. Literally ate shit. T_T

On an even brighter note, the sun has officially risen and it's light outside (see what I did there?) That's my cue to go to sleep. Enjoy the pictures, and I'll blog again soon! Goooood night :)
Late night shopping on Newbury Street! We came across a piano from the "play me I'm yours" project on which we struggled to play any song we could remember…aka a few measures of like three songs. Went out with Jenn for some Telonius Monkfish for our girl date ;). Posing with TIM (the beaver) during Spooky Skate. Being straight up G with Randi before an ADT performance. Kevin sandwiched between the top of my closet and the wall. Don't ask. 
Bad ass architecture installments made by the grad students for the graduate open house! 
Parents weekend!! It was really nice and refreshing to see my family :) 
All the delicious food I've been spoiling myself with! Been going out to eat more often this semester, and I love it! Gahh can't wait to get off meal plan so I can do it all the time.  Btw that pink cauliflower was a dorm event for breast cancer awareness. I didn't eat it, but I included it since it was so amusing. Also, I've been eating way too much eggplant from the asian food truck lately….BUT I CANT STOP, ITS SO GODDAMN DELICIOUS. O _ O 
Another NOT ART sighting. I love these, for no particular reason except that they amuse me quite a bit. Baker piano drop! They loaded a piano with $500 worth of candy (not sure if they were exaggerating or not..) and pushed it off the top of the dorm. I stole that photo from my awesome photographer friend who montaged three different moments in the piano's fall (yeah, they didn't push off three pianos). Right two photos are from Nightmarket! It's an event held by all of the asian culture groups on campus and it's basically a night of performances, food, and activities.  Check out the sick henna I got! 

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  1. oooooh i remmeber the henna! lol excited for nightmarket again?? what are we gonna do >>
    also lol i dont remember why we went shopping that time but it was lots of fun! do you remmebr the cute japanese people we met by the piano??


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