Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spinach Dip Heaven

Ah currently kicking back to some Coldplay and enjoying an extremely chill sunday post brunch-in-my-bed moment. Raspberries, bread, spinach dip, and a glass of cold OJ - all while surrounded by warm blankets and pillows - is this heaven?  I love long weekends.  As sad as it sounds, it's extremely refreshing to be able to finally let loose on a Sunday.  I mean, Sundays are technically supposed to be a day of rest, no? But usually I spend the whole day stressing out and desperately trying to finish my seemingly never ending workload.  Not that this weekend is actually any different - I've got a pile of work that I've pushed to the side in my attempt to pretend that I actually have time to kick back and relax. Come to think of it, I've practically been doing this all weekend…

It all started on Thursday.  After classes ended, I lined up at the food truck in anticipation of another delicious eggplant meal.  When I pulled out my meal rewards card, to my surprise, I had enough stamps for a FREE meal. And so I claimed my prize with a big (possibly disturbing) smile, and biked back to my dorm where I enjoyed a very asian lunch, complete with green tea (okay arizona's not that asian) and a good drama. When my roommate got back from class, she joined me, and somehow we ended up watching over 4 hours…while we were watching though, I managed to finish my scarf that I've been working on since sophomore year of high school! That's a FIFTH of my life spent on one scarf…lol jk i'm not that slow, but it's true that I started it 4 years ago. Later that night I went to a study break event where they were serving fancy desserts.  I had planned to stay out for an hour at most, but somehow didn't get back until 3 hours later.  Damn. 

On Friday I went to a nice cafe that I've been wanting to try out for a while with Eunice for lunch! Had a pretty good grilled portobello panini with pesto, tomato, and mozzarella, but unfortunately was still a bit hungry so I made myself a large mug of tea when I got back to my room. I actually attempted to do some work (go me!!!) but then gave up and took a nap instead. Played some pool and ate dinner with Minerva before bundling up and heading to the supermarket(!!!!!!!). In case you can't tell, I love grocery shopping, especially with friends!  Lately a group of us has been looking into some apartments around the area hopefully in preparation for next fall. I can't wait for us all to cook/eat together, and of course, go weekly grocery shopping! Ah, what a dream to have. Anyway, after the supermarket, I cut Minerva's bangs for her, skyped with Courtney who I haven't talked to in forever, and then screwed around until 5 am before deciding to bike back to my dorm. Wow really letting myself go.

Saturday was no better in terms of productivity. I woke up just in time for brunch, ate, showered, and  thought about doing work but didn't actually do it.  Then I went to a dance workshop which I was hesitant to go to by myself, but actually had a blast and got to learn a pretty sick routine. When I got back, somehow me and my roommate got into a two hour talk about all the awkward tension between us for the past month or so.  At first the conversation was pretty tense, but by the end I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.  I think we understand each other a lot better now, and I was really happy that we were able to have that conversation! I've always thought it's sad when roommates choose to ignore each other and lead completely separate lives even when they live and sleep in the same room.  We were pretty close to that, but I'm glad we did something about it. Anyway, for dinner I went out with a group of people who were very intent on taking my "pho virginity". AKA they were horrified I hadn't eaten pho before and took me out to have my first bowl of heavenly Vietnamese soup noodles.  I gotta say, was not disappointed in the slightest! Pretty damn good and would definitely go out again for them.  After eating a huge bowl, I somehow still craved delicious asian beverages so we made a pit stop at Juice Bar where I got a hot cup of Thai milk tea with lychee jelly. A godsend to say the least. When I got back, my roommate and I marathon-ed the five latest episodes of Korra.  The animation and art were beautiful! My roommate could barely keep her emotions in check lol. After that, I went partying with Jenn and her brother who was visiting. I like talking to clever people with a quick wit, and I'd say he fit in that category. I got back to my room around 4 am, got ready for bed, and slept like a rock until almost 2 pm today. 

Aka I had a pretty fantastic weekend so far. Lately I've realized that my guilt for not doing work has been growing weaker and weaker, and I'm not sure whether that's something I should be concerned about or not...
My second architecture studio project! Plaster model, wax model, rubber mold, and the two halves of my 3D print. I also had a 5 foot tall presentation poster with all my diagrams/drawings but forgot to take a picture of it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Now onto the third and final project….
More fun times with friends :) Grocery shopping, eating pho, partying, being a walrus, walking outside, and making embarrassing poses in studio. 
Awesome Ender's Game hack in lobby 7,  unproductive working conditions, my glorious food truck reward card, 4 year scarf, terrifying snap chat I got from weiwei, and a cool art project labeled "tech giants" that I stumbled upon in the student center!
Beautiful beautiful food.  (Free) eggplant + drama + green tea combo, delicious panini from Flour, PHO, and a box of bread I took from dining hall + some spinach dip I bought during my grocery shopping adventure. I ate 10/12 servings in two days..I feel disgusting. 

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  1. wow like your box of carbs hahahahha
    yay you finished scarf!!!!
    also lol i remmeber you toiling on that sphere...


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