Friday, February 28, 2014

Sparks Fly

Damn, I can't believe February is over already! Time sure flies by. While I was slacking off school work this past month, I actually did quite a bit of stuff. I'm in four ADT dances and three DT dances this semester! I have rehearsal everyday except for tuesdays which really breaks up the monotony around here.  Being a choreographer is really fun! Although, I realized that dancing and counting out loud is extremely tiring. By the end of a rep, I'm gasping for breath...or maybe I'm just mega out of shape.  Also, IM billiards should be starting soon and I am very much looking forward to it! I seriously gotta get some practice in cuz I want our team to win this year >:). There was a guy I played last year, who destroyed me the first round, led like mad the second round before losing on purpose just so he could play a third game with me. He was such a jerk and I swear to god I will get better and destroy him this year. 

Also I've decided to apply to a few animation studios in Japan for the summer! Ha, crazy I know, but it's worth a try.  I got accepted to an architecture studio in Shibuya, Tokyo, but unfortunately can't go because they refuse to cover any expenses regarding travel/housing/stipend and the program I'm applying through for funding can't cover all of my costs this year. So sad. 

Hehe whoops, I should probably do my work and then go to sleep.  I pulled an all-nighter in studio the other day, and now I'm borderline sick.  Obsessively intaking vitamin C in hopes of it performing some sort of magic.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures :)

Picture with Gene Shinozaki, this awesome beatboxer that performed at the CSC banquet.  How do all those sounds come from one person? Crazy. Yuta planking on a pingpong table because he lost a game. Selfies at adt retreat and at CSC banquet! On the bridge enroute to Pinkberry for free froyo day! Minerva making a disgusting face at Pinkberry. 
Food pix, how could I not? Notice the decline in quality since January (aka meal plan started). CSC banquet food, chicken teriyaki, Massaman curry (!!!!), Viet curry (with guest appearance by Eunice), Tokyo Banana (a sort of banana-flavored Japanese Twinkie that my Japanese teacher gave me), and...Big Tom with a Big Whooper.
Walking to Blick's with Eunice in the snow (got a free sketchbook),  Jen and her big Snookie hair, shot glass of weird squishy gel things (Oh my god Jennifer was obsessed with them. She brought a bunch of them home with her and even ordered more online hahaha), ADT retreat, ADT auditions, and a postcard I received from Brazil!! (from Eunice)
Dressed up for ZBT soiree (aka was super antisocial and just stuffed my face with delicious desserts), Valentine's day chocolate! Birthday present from my ATS big, Sally <3 It's this awesome doodle book since she knows I like to draw (also how awesome is that self-drawn card?) Made a mold of my hand in plaster and casted a wax replica.  Dabin performing at ATS Lunar Banquet with the Taekwondo club! We cheered very loudly for her...I think she was embarrassed. Random picture of me and Jenn laughing at something. Watching a metal-working demonstration- check out those sparks!! And the middle picture is Jenn rejoicing in a field of snow at 2 am. 

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  1. woah the hands looks kinda cool (hehe its pink)
    also you should use the sketchbook sally gave you! D:
    this years ADT retreat is a big haze for me >> maybe bc i was in charge of it... so stresful!


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