Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twenty Lanterns for Twenty Years

TWENTY.  Damn that's a big number.  When I was a little kid, twenty felt like such a long way to go. I thought that by the time I reached it, I'd be cool, tall, and mature, but honestly I still feel like a little kid (and don't exactly look that much older either -_-).  Nonetheless, I had a blast celebrating with friends and family over the weekend! I was only home for less than two days, but it was definitely worth it. As soon as I got home, my sister excitedly directed me to my room where my family had made and strung twenty lanterns across my room with "Happy 20th Birthday" written on them.  It was so cute I almost cried lol.  For Chinese New Year we did our traditional dumpling making from scratch.  My dad is very proud of his dumpling making skills. Apparently when you self-make the peels, you're supposed to leave a thicker patch in the middle called the "heart" of the peel.  When they're made by machines, they're completely even.  Somehow I thought that it was so deep that human made ones have hearts and machine-made ones don't.... my dad told me I was stupid. After stuffing our faces, we watched Despicable Me 2 together! My mom kept falling asleep during it, but my sister would nudge her awake every time lol....poor mom.  When we had sufficiently digested, it was CAKE TIME. While blowing out the candles, it soon became clear that there was something wrong.  The candles would relight themselves brighter and brighter, and there were sparks going off everywhere.  The whole kitchen was filled with smoke lmao.  Turns out that my mom bought me prank candles....by accident hahahaha.  My dad turn on the fan and my whole family was gathered around the cake huffing our brains out and choking on smoke.  It was kind of awesome. The next morning we went out for sum delicious dim sum (ha I never get tired of that joke), and before long I was en route to the bus station!

Freaking BoltBus is a fucking tank and I got to Boston in less than 4 hours! Record time. That night we went out for some quality karaoke~ We sang songs we knew.  We sang songs we didn't know. We didn't give a shit and it was great. I practically sounded like Celine Dion.  One of my friends was particularly outgoing that night, which was pretty awesome until she suddenly got really bad. It was kind of scary actually and she had to spend the night at the hospital, but thank god she's okay.  Randi is happy to supply all the parts she doesn't remember...^^;

Last night we went out to Wagamama for dinner! I got chicken katsu curry...mmmmm.  Honestly they could have given me shit curry and I would've loved it just because it's curry.  When we got back, my friends brought out a very pretty asian cake (with 24 candles cuz they wanted to use the whole pack) and a very nice card (a Valentine's day card with a giant trumpet on it that said "I want to blow your horn"). I loved both.  When I got back to my dorm, my other friend gave me a plate of fruit tarts that he'd made! They were beautifully delicious. I'm so lucky to have such loving friends and family <3 Now I'm going to stop before I burst into tears in the student center....

Today marked the first day of the spring semester- I only had one class so far, but I'm already excited for this semester.  In my one class (intro to visual arts for arch majors) we spent a long time discussing performance art and watched some freaky videos.  There was one with a naked woman who continuously ran into a pillar, one with a woman who plastered her leg into a bucket and spent the whole time trying to free herself with a hammer, and one with a woman who wore super long finger extensions and walked back and forth scraping the walls. It was.....fascinating (terrifying?). Then I grabbed come Micky D's with Eunice and settled down at the student center to bang out this blogpost while drinking bubble tea (except now it's been 3 hours and I keep getting distracted).  Wooo!
Delicious dinner, dumpling making, posing with cake, posing with dough, laughing and choking on smoke, beautiful cake <3, and LANTERNS.
Wagamama, en route to karaoke, at karaoke!
Looking at cake, looking at card, 24 melted candles, cutting cake, and fruit tarts <3


  1. omg i just found this youtube video of you singing karaoke!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNIPqafd4As

  2. yeeeeee so wonderful! lol sorry your cake like totally melted lollll
    also it says im horny for you! but i guess that works too


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