Monday, June 8, 2015


I'm now back in Boston, blogging from the comfort of my (surprisingly clean) apartment! I got back a couple of days ago now, and haven't really been doing too much other than working on an app design for the quasi-internship I have this summer.  Why quasi you ask? Well, the guy offered me a job out of the blue when I went to go interview him for one of my final essays.  In the end, I had absolutely nothing to do for the summer (cry why don't companies want me T_T) so I took him up on his offer.  He's definitely an interesting person to work for/with. A visionary! Sometimes seems very smart and sometimes seems very not-smart (lol I hope he never finds this blog.) Or, I suppose, not really "not-smart" but more like "not thinking ideas through before throwing them out there".  Actually, that could be a pretty good trait since it definitely gets ideas rolling.... okay haha regardless, basically it just means we argue a lot, and I get frustrated quite often, but I'm also surprisingly having a blast working on this app! As sad as it sounds, I'm excited that I'm excited about something.  I've been worried for a while that I'd never find a job I'd actually enjoy doing, but now I have a little more faith in myself haha. It's fun to design, but what I really enjoy is the part where I have to be constantly thinking (again, surprising because I hate thinking) about how the user will react to certain decisions, what app flow makes the most sense, how subtle changes in design can have can have a huge impact on user experience, and how to solve all the problems that pop up while designing an app. A tiny part of me sort of wishes my boss knew more of what he wanted so I could be doing my job faster and more efficiently, but at the same time it's pretty exciting to have a say not only in what the app looks like (which is what I thought my job would be) but how it works and what features it contains.  This app is basically going to be my life for the next few weeks (months?) so look forward to me rambling about it. 

Semi-Chipmunk-Sonya. Kaykay being talented. Soft tomato with melted sugar @__@ - something I learned from my aunt. A classic dim sum shot of my mom and eggplant. Friends trying to English but only succeeding in making 3 letter words. Lol jk, sometimes there are more letters :) 
Pictures of delicious suffering. Basically my mouth was still healing from wisdom-removal, but I couldn't stay away from real food for more than 3 days @__@. Every bite hurt, but they were all worth it. Except for the toast. 
Took a trip to the city on  6:30 am train lol. Met up with Ed for breakfast at 7:30am and we walked a billion miles to this place called Clinton Street Baking Company.  It's a really chill place with fucking amazing blueberry pancakes (I had a bite of Ed's and died.) I ordered a tomato-swiss-caramelized-onion-omelette that was ridiculously savory. Afterwards we waddled around the city and I checked out his apartment which had really nice hardwood floors (lol jealous because our kitchen floor sucks) Then I walked a few thousand more miles to grab lunch with my Dad before hopping on a bus back to Boston. Included some pictures of cool things I saw in the city!
Touch down in Boston! Spent the night chilling with Nate who came over to eat dinner. I made some quality eggplant with ground pork and hot pepper, potatoes, and egg and tomato soup. I'm gonna miss our good talks next year. :/ Also a pic of randi looking mad domestic after cutting us some apples ^^

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