Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sticky Resolutions

The New Year is officially here (we're already two days in~), which means it's the perfect time to make some resolutions, and to stick with them! So here they are, in no particular order:
  • Be on time, and be prepared! For classes, for meetings, for practices, even for social events. My dad once told me that if I'm late and unprepared it means I don't value that person's time, which definitely makes me feel guilty every time I'm late to something. Time to fix my chronic-lateness.
  • Draw. At least one page a day in my sketchbook! No more whining about not drawing enough...just do it. In general, give myself more down time to dedicate to art :)
  • Blog. Once a week. I want to remember my life, and I like blogging about it. No more feeling guilty about blogging when there is still work to do. Err...but uh D:
  • Stay on top of work. Self explanatory. Might be tedious, but will definitely make my life easier near the end of the semester...
  • Take care of myself. That means, sleeping (atleast 6 hours a day, but ideally 8) and eating regular and healthy meals. 
  • Call home more frequently. Maybe every 2 weeks? I realized lately how much I miss them while I'm away at school. It's easy to stress out during the semester and tell myself I don't have time to Skype, but I'm gonna make time from now on!
  • Get over myself. I was born and raised a perfectionist. To be honest, I've always been proud of that trait since it usually allowed me to end up with a good quality product. But this semester I realized that my perfectionism was actually paralyzing my ability to get things done, causing me ridiculous amounts of anxiety, and depriving me of sleep (which made anxiety worse, surprise.) Hand-in-hand with this one would probably be to procrastinate less. I often procrastinate things, not just because of laziness, but also because I'm scared of failing or not executing the perfect idea or design. Fuck it, just do it.
  • Be more patient, forgiving, and understanding. Short-temperedness runs in the family but that's no excuse :P
  • Stay true to myself. Cheesy I know, but it's so easy to lose sight of my priorities and personal goals with all the external pressure from academics, extracurriculars, peers, etc. that surrounds me on a daily basis. Breath and stay focussed! 
  • HAVE FUN. This is 2016. This is the year that I will graduate and hopefully become employed at my first real job. This is the year when I make some pretty big life decisions! Terrifying, but I'll try to make the best of it and have some fun along the way. 
It's a lot, and although I know it's unrealistic that I will be able to follow all of them flawlessly, we'll see how it turns out. 2016 is a scary year, but as of now, I am very optimistic :)

Ringing in the New Year with sparkling cider while watching Mr. Peabody & Sherman on Netflix! I love family movie time :3
First meal of 2016: DIMSUM.


Thank you for reading :)