Friday, January 1, 2016

To 2015

As I sit here watching Ryan Seacrest lead one million people in counting down the New Year at Times Square (seriously, the official estimate is one million) from the comfort of my couch, I wanted to take a bit of time to reflect on 2015 (mostly the last 4 months) and welcome in 2016! And what better way to do it than via some photos and captions? 

To another semester in my messy but homey apartment :) Taken during the sunset when the whole room was lit up in orange light.
To home cooked brunch ^_^
To old friends and end of summer relaxation. To blue skies and no worries :)
To new friends and a wonderful semester dancing with Upro! To picking dance over academics and screwing up my GPA. To not regretting my decisions but learning to change my ways for the future :)
To shelling out money for photo paper, but having it all be worth it when the images appear in the darkroom.
To following around Minerva who tolerated me taking endless pictures of her (thank you @__@). To printing out foot after foot of expensive paper...for free! (for reference, the larger photos are 2 feet wide) To wrapping up the semester with a successful photo review. 
To my partner in crime who has a tongue problem but I still like her :)
To doing cool experiments in strobe lab and taking some amazing photographs (seriously, check out those shock waves). To working in a not-so-great lab group but getting through the semester anyway.
To another semester of dancing with Mocha, warming up to old faces, and making new friends :) To the super comfy Rilakuma onesie that Randi got me for Secret Santa! To Mocha Show 2016, coming your way >:D
To my beautiful MONSTARK dancers who made Sonya a very proud and happy choreographer @__@ To hand-painting bandanas for hours when it could've been done in a fraction of the time if it hadn't been a last minute impulse idea. 
To my boy who does stupid things with me like spinning around while taking selfies. Thank you for keeping me grounded even when everything else was anything but. 
To Mongolian hot pot and USDA choice rib-eye. To spicy, rich, oily broth @__@
To my family! To being Santa, eating cookies, and forging notes. To my little sister who can hold a real conversation now. To spending time together and falling together on the snowy slopes of Killington. 
To looking back on a great semester and reflecting on my decisions. To taking artsy photographs and then finding a way to use them as a metaphoric image in an end-of-the-year blog post. 
To going home and looking up. To blue skies hidden behind grey clouds. To trying to take a direct photo of the sun. To the adventure that was 2015 and the start of a new one. Here's to 2016!

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