Monday, October 11, 2010

I had a good weekend n_n

Today i woke up around 12 and spent the whole day eating yummy food and working on my ap art homework (which i just finished :D) I actually went through all of my chinese, japanese, and korean music while drawing xD.  To make things more interesting on here, i'll add a picture:

Tada ! The assignment was to draw something reflective, and i picked my set <3

Anyway, yesterday we had a marching band competition and got back at around midnight.  It was fun n_n
oh, and that really annoying kid from my section calls me his new best friend now, which is awesome. not really. D: I feel like i was going to write a lot more about yesterday, but it's 12:30 and i can't think of anything. I'm also writing like a second grader.

.....i gotta wake up in 5.5 hours so i'll end it here.  This is as positive as my blogs are gonna get hahaha, night !


  1. Love the picture!!! You're going to have so many good things for your college portfolio! Was the annoying kid from your section the one who said hi to us in the mall the last time we went there?

    What asian music do you listen to?

  2. Thanks!! and i don't remember the kid that said hi to us, but i'm pretty sure it can't be him, since this one is a lame freshman.

    Chinese music = lots of random people that i don't feel like naming.
    Japanese music= stuff from dramas and animes. Also alot of random stuff i found. have you heard of arashi?
    Korean music= suju, bigbang, 2ne1, etc.

    :D what about you sonya??

  3. hehe nice picture sonya! and wow you're such a freshman hater....
    hehe I like Arashi too! also I highly recommend DBSK


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