Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Part of Being a Teen Mom.

Hahaha just kidding, don't worry.  The actual title was "Its part of being a teen".
Partly blogging because i'm feeling stupid and introspective, and partly because i haven't blogged in a while.  I was planning on posting some pictures and writing some good stories in this post, but it's almost 12 and i'm way too lazy to do shit.  Yes, summer has officially kicked in.  TOO BAD WE STILL HAVE SCHOOL.  And finals are next week! Ugh, please just punch me in the face, now.  The last thing i want to do is study, which is funny because i should really be studying for the math test tomorrow that's either gonna make or break my average. 

But of course, instead, i'm sitting here typing up this worthless mass of words.  Frustrated with school, what's new.  Also a little frustrated with a few people.  If you're a good stalker, you remember my first few posts about that girl that decided to blog shit about me.  Yeah, those were the times (: But anyway, recently she blogged some really insulting things about one of my friends who used to go out with her.  Won't go into details about what exactly it said but it might've had to do with him "being a jealous loser" and "too cheap to take her out".  Basically really ignorant and jerk-esque comments.  Of course he was super upset since he actually found it online and read it.  Then he sent her a rage-mail and plans to kind of end their friendship.  The thing that bothers me is that although i feel really bad for him, and please understand that i truly think this is awful of her, i am annoyed that he always complains about things to me.  I can tolerate it from basically anyone else, but i don't understand why i can't tolerate his complaining !  It just gets to me in some magically irritating way.  So i tried to explain that weird reasoning to my kind-of best friend (do we even use the term best friend anymore? I feel like in highschool, we don't have a designated actual best friend) and she didn't understand me.  She thought i just didn't care about him at all.  And it's just so hard to explain why i feel the way i do.  I just think he needs to man up a little bit!  Let his friends help him build up self confidence and curb his paranoia.  But he doesn't, and it bothers me that i can't fix him i guess. Maybe that's the reason why.  There are alot of things in this world that need fixing.  And we just can't fix them.  Two that i thought about today were war and suicide.  War because in AP history we're watching a documentary titled "Why We Fight".  And it's sad because people don't know why, and the government feels the need to cover things up and lie in order to get their war approved.  They're just rich people wearing their formal attire who sit down and literally have the power to determine the fate of thousands upon thousands of people.  We saw clips of the suffering and destruction we brought to Iraq.  Little kids bloodied and crying in stretchers.  Piles of white corpses, caked with dried blood.  How can people think that's justified?  I understand that i'm being completely naive, but why can't we just eliminate war?  Why do things such as genocides occur? Why are some of us so privileged, and others starving.  I'm getting off topic.  The second thing that happened, was a lady in a nearby town committed suicide this morning at 5 by jumping in front of a train going at 130 mph.  Why do people have to end their own lives?  Is it because there wasn't anyone there to love them?  Is it because they've been treated badly?  And then that makes you think why we drive other human beings to resort to something like that.  Or maybe they are depressed.  But how can it be fair for people to suffer from something like that ?  Something seemingly incurable?  I don't know.  And i can be sure that most people who have thought about it probably don't either.  Why are there so many ridiculously awful things going on in our world ?  And why can't we fix them !?  It's infuriating to think about sometimes.  It makes the concept that a human being is utterly useless and very incapable of doing anything.  But then history tells us of the leaders who were able to propel mass movements and actually make a change.  For a normal teenager living in suburbia, this is some deep shit that i can't even begin to understand.  I'm sorry to all the religious people out there, but this is my blog, so i get to say whatever the hell i want:  How can there be a god when things like this are happening?  Where is he and why isn't he helping anyone?  How can innocent children die gruesome deaths, and the bomb droppers be awarded adulation?   Each human being is so complex, it's scary to think that every single person who has been unjustifiably killed had their own thought process, their own view of everything.  I'm not really sure if any of that actually made sense, but if you think about it, the massive scope of life is crazy, and the fact that some people are able to end the lives of others is ridiculously scary.  Now it's past 12, and i probably should get to sleep.  So my justification for all of this?  It's all part of being a teen.  See how clever that was? Ha, the title of my post. 

Right, so i'll post bowling/band pics next time, and maybe not talk about things i have no idea about.  Oh wait, that's basically everything. Ha. See what i did there? Yes, i insulted myself....but that's part of being a teen! Okay, that's overkill.  Good night !!

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