Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well, I have to wake up in less than five hours for class, but somehow I find myself typing up this blog even though all my face wants to do right now is make contact with my pillow. 

Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It was sunny and bright, but also had that crisp-fall-feeling. I wore my comfy ripped boyfriend jeans and sat outside the student center, basking in the sunshine while happily eating an Asian pastry and smiling like an idiot. I even went for a jog across the river with weiwei which was really relaxing (and physically impossible at the same time considering the terrible shape i'm in.) Then once I got back to my dorm, I was greeted with the magical arrival of new cuesticks! We played a few rounds to break them in, and it was evident how much of a difference an intact cue makes lol. 

Today I went to this thing called "Japanese Lunch Table" for the first time.  It's a weekly gathering of a bunch of japanese speakers in the boston area and we basically eat lunch and talk with them for two hours. I was painfully awkward at first, but eventually eased into conversation with a man from Osaka.  He had a lot of questions, and we had a pretty good talk.  At one point we were discussing how Japanese people are comfortable with being completely naked with other people (communal open showers). Quality content right there. But yeah, holding a conversation with native speakers is a pretty great feeling; it's kind of hard to explain.  I'm definitely going to make an effort to go from now on and hopefully get better!

Now it's time for me to pass out.  Actually, I already passed out and am struggling to stay conscious and finish this post. Goooood Nii--

ahaha I'm so funny.

but it's not far from reality.

-_- z...Zz….zZ...z 
noms in the sun, my fabulous post-shower roomie, climbed onto his dresser to get something from a box, laughing her ass off uncontrollably on the table post-energy drink, sitting on the dock looking back at Cambridge!

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  1. i actually think the red bean green mochi ones taste kinda weird... like the combined texture....
    also yay for japanese practicing and for yuor pool obsession!


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