Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Am A Walrus

Oh wow it's been quite some time since I last posted. A lot has happened since then! I enjoyed another month and a half of work hanging out with friends/family, watched a number of terribad movies (which include the Love Guru, GI Joe, Recall, and LOL (starring the one and only Miley Cyrus)), went to the beach (and didn't get sunburned!), took a trip into the city, ate some delicious chicken curry katsu, went to a couple of asian parties, started and finished watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood in 4 days (64 episodes….), watched the Korean drama I Hear Your Voice which was pretty amazing (I recommend it to anyone who has a few days to waste), bought a tablet (<3 wacom intuos5), packed up my life, and moved back to Boston.  Since then I've performed a few times with ADT, went to a DT workshop, helped out a bit with rush week, caught up with friends, met new people, and played a little too much pool. Classes also started two days ago! So far I've been late to almost every single class….I really need to get my shit together.  Also in a few hours I will be leaving for…. A FALL OUT BOY CONCERT. HA I'm so excited! When they announced that they were going on tour, I decided I'd finally go see them before they could break up again lol. So yeah, that's the last two months of my life poorly summarized in one paragraph.

Wedding card I made for my neighbor (who's getting married on a mountain in colorado!) Random drawing I never finished. Congratulation-cards for some family friends. And a shot of my colorful art supplies :) 
Went out for some sushi buffet to celebrate Gabriel's 20th! Also some random shots from the beach, city-bound train, and bananagrams. Nolan somehow managed to buckle himself into my 5-year-old sister's car seat….
FOOD! Eggplant, roasted red pepper, tomato, and muenster cheese on fried bread.  Greek yogurt with fresh peaches, blueberries, walnuts and dried cranberries. Lunch with my mom :) Sushi buffet!!!<3<3<3 and of course, the best for last, chicken katsu curry.
Ed came to visit! For lunch I cooked some (too) spicy eggplant and fried mantou. Also, Nicole moved! That's me and her cat reunited at her new house. Also I'm not sure if my friends are turning 20 or 5. 
Giant tower someone built out of little wooden blocks! (it spanned two floors) Kaykay at the creek <3 The pennies my coworker left on my desk everyday. All my stuff packed and ready to go! Pool halls, lol. Brian taught me how to actually play minesweeper and I won my first game ever. Eunice brought back this weird pop-rocks-chocolate…that actually kind of hurt to eat, but tasted so good.  Last but not least, my disgusting-wendy's-infested cubicle.  Good times.

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  1. wow sonya you just flew through a lot of time hahahahaha


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